Ceaseless by Abbi Glines

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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After Leif gave up in her hold on Pagan, they thought everything is fine now off to their college life. Everything is planned even their first college date. Then deity enters the picture and makes Pagan forget everything. The Deity and Dank's agreement is to let Pagan choose between Jay (her ex-boyfreind for three years and Dank), and the only way to make the game fair is for Pagan to forget. So Dank is back to zero with Pagan, with her no memory of him at all... Dank needs to make her fall in love with him all over again, hoping that their love is strong enough to bring Pagan's memory back, or if not... still choose Dank over Jay.

My Review
Dankmar is back!!! This totally made my day! I know he's Death and I don't care. Dank made me forget how scared I am of ghost and other creepy supernatural being like Dank is. I guess I'll never get tired of reading characters like Dank... if you know books with aswoon-worthy character like him...please send them my way :)
Even though it was months ago that I've read the first 2 books, reading this made me remember everything as if I've just read them yesterday. Just a proof how good this series is! This is not the type of story where in the middle of daydreaming you'll say "Which book was that again?" instead, you will be certain that that scene was surely from Existence Trilogy.

Even if this story should be about the battle against death and her soul mate, it didn't feel that way. First, Jay is totally worthless to be the soulmate and second, with Dank as the rival... is there really a competition? Pagan made it clear from the start that she and Jay are over and Dank owns her even if she can't remember anything. Totally sweet!

I was waiting for the part ythat they speak of as something big that would give Pagan and Jay's chance of rekindling their love, but I never found it climactic actually. I was expecting a big scene there but it never came. When I realzed it was already happening..I was like "that was it??? oookkkk.." 

At the last part, it went fast-paced, I thought there would be more hindrances and everything, but it never came. I guess I should be happy about that, maybe I was just expecting too much. You can't blame me, this is the last book and with the first 2 books that preceded it, I had my hopes up. I was expecting fireworks at the end! haha

Still, this book made me read it in one-sitting. The characters itself are very attaching. The story was only second in my list, as long as there is Dank and Pagan and they are totally inlove, I'm in!


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