The Piper's Son by Melina Marchetta

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

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5 years after Francesca's issues in Saving Francesca, it's time for Thomas Mackee to share his life. Before his Uncle Joe's death, evrything is going well with Tom's life. Good family, good friends and almost girlfriend Tara Finke. But when the news of the bombing that took his Uncle's life happened, everything in his life wnet spiralling down. His father became drunk, her mother left his father and went to other town together with his younger sister, he dropped out from school, left his friends and left Tara Finke hanging. 

One night from many nights of being wild, Tom hit his head from falling and found himself with a 10-stitch in his head with Francesca. Francesca who became his friend, who introduced him to a very good friendship. Then, he decided to return to his Auntie Georgie's home, whose life is as troubled as his was. Georgie is now pregnant, from the man who betrayed him years ago, who's still mourning for her half-brother's death and the lost she feels for his another brother, Tom's father. Both are struggling with their life, waking up from their lowest time.

My Review

This is a very depressing story. While reading, I myself feels like going to get depressed from the heavy feelings Tom and Georgie are feeling. I need some saving here please!!! My heart is already breaking with Thomas and when I thought I could not get any glumier, there came Georgie with all her troubles... One is enough...two is too much...

It's like my emotions are bouncing from Georgie's and Thomas' and both are very depressing. That's when I thought how come these two didn't end up getting depressed? Frankie's mother went into depression because of her father and miscarriage, and this two have experienced more. It amazes me how people differs in coping with difficulties. For Thomas, he went out destroying his life while Georgie, went into solitude.

I didn't enjoy this as much as I enjoy Saving Francesca. The story is good, but all throughout the story, I was anxious on Francesca's life and can't help myself from expecting Jimmy. I even did some scanning on all pages with Jimmy's name hoping to read some part saying he'll come back to get Frankie. *sigh
Is there a book meant only for Jimmy, coz I badly need it! 

I enjoy every scenes that Thomas, Justince and Frankie are together. As a reader, I envy their friendship. Thomas is lucky to find them because I think they're the one who kept Thomas sane enough to get back to his normal life when he's ready. I love how Thomas adores these girls, pure friendship (except for Tinke of course!) who says a boy and a girl can't only be firends???

What I love most with Marchatta's works? The subtle humor in every story that comes unexpectedly. From emotional scenes, I find myself laughing at something a character does or says for the sake of humor. :)

All in all, this story is good. Good but very sad. I enjoyed Saving Francesca more, and there are parts in the story when I wish the second book was Francesca's life again instead or better yet, Jimmy's. Thomas's character didn't reached me that much in Saving Francesca, though I felt his role and importance in the story, I didn't get that much interested. Maybe because I was so attached with Francesca and Jimmy as well. So far, this comes last in my loved books from Marchetta.


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