On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta

Sunday, September 9, 2012

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Taylor is now the new leader of the underground community. It is her responsibility to protect those under her, take care for them and most importantly, fight for the territories against the townies and the cadets. Will all these under her, another war is raging inside her. The war to her past- why did her mother abandoned her, why does she feel that it's not by chance that Narnie, her guardian now happened to pass by the 711 store where her mother left her, where is her father, who are the children written in Narnie's story, how they are related to her, who is the boy that she keeps seeing in her dreams and the thought that she's falling inlove with the Cadet leader who once in a way abandoned her as well.

When Narnie suddenly disappears, Narnie's determine to find her along with all the answers. In her search, together with Jonah, the Cadet Leader, the townies leader and her friend Rafaella, she'll be facing the past that's been avoiding her.

My Review

Another masterpiece from Melina Marchetta! After readng Finnikin of the Rock and Froi of the Exiles, I have put Ms. Marchetta in the pedestal, so I was afraid on reading another book from her. I'm afraid my high expectations to this author won't live up in this book... and boy was I so wrong! Once again, I was totally immersed in Taylor's world. Where everything has prices, everywhere is defined by whose territory and the chaos in Taylor's mind. 

I admit at first I was a bit confuse what's happening in this story, I guess I'm expecting to see Finnikin's and Isaboe's names any moments... haha! But page after page, I'm starting to be pulled in the Jellicoe. Though there's Taylor's story, and another story with Webb and the others. it never made me confuse. Even if at first I could not get the link, I did not care. Both story got me hooked up and when the two stories collided into one, I'm drowning! Every details, small and big became very important in the end.

Taylor is an extraordinary girl. She's a born leader, but with everything happening to her personal life, it seems like her role of being a leader has took a side step. The story focuses on her journey to discover the missing pieces of her and only a little on her character as being a leader. Her love story is so adorable. Jonah Griggs is not the typical leading man that would say obvious things to make you swoon. Instead, he says things that's totally define his character and make you melt...

"This isn't romance. This isn't a declaration of love or affirmation of friendship. This is something more."

I just wished there's more on Taylor and Jonah's love story. Like I hope I find out what happened to them after. Even Ben=Taylor_Jonah's love story is adorable. I was just hoping for more romantic side of the book, nut I guess that's too much to ask for with a very good story lain on me :)


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