Leif by Abbi Glines

Sunday, September 9, 2012

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This is a novella from the Existence Series. It tells some of Leif's POV in the major events from book 1 and 2. How he felt all this time about Pagan, her jealousy towards Dank and his struggle to make Pagan fall for her and make her realize that they are the one meant to be. And Leif's thoughts when he has no other option but to let her go.

My Review

A HANDSOME cover! what more can I say!!! Why can't all books have a very appealing cover like this? Even if this is not part of the Existence series and just another book, I'm totally going to read it even without looking at the summary. This is my top 1 on best cover! :D

Back to the story. It's nice to know Leif's side. At least now I'm sure that Leif's good. Still, I'm on Dank's side. Sorry Leif. My heart breaks for Leif but I could do nothing but accept it since Leif's suffering means Pagan and Dank's happiness. But I guess, I understand his actions, of fighting for Pagan. Why won't he???  For a long time, he waited patiently for Pagan and he's been by her side without Pagan remembering anything. And when he's almost there, when Pagan is already falling for him... Dank came...and poof!!! Pagan is no more his. That's sad really... No one can't let go that easily so I understand him. So I admired him when he realized that he can;t do anything more so he let her go. Heartbreaking... but necessary... Pagan is not hers anymore... she belongs to Death... she belong to Dank. 


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