Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta

Monday, September 10, 2012

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St. Sebastian's School has recently became a co-ed school. This is where Francesca is now enrolled together with the 29 girls in the whole school. Left with little options, Francesca is stucked with Tara, a girl who believes she needs to take actions in everything, Justine-her schoolmate also befire but never talked to, Siobhan-her former bestfriend, Thomas- a frustrated musician and famous for his lack of intelligence and Jimmy- the bad boy.

When she thought dealing with being the new girl is a lot, her mother suddenly went into depression threatening the foundation of her family. 

With the help of her new found friends, Francesca realizes who she really is, who her real friends are, what does she really wants in her life including the ever perfect Will.

My Review

Am I pattronizing??? At first I'm afraid I am, my fourth Marchetta and I'm still loving it equally as the Finnikin of the Rock, FOTExiles and On the Jellicoe Road. But hell, I'm really  loving this story. I'm amaze how Ms. Marchetta goes from fantasy, to contemporary and now to YA. Her talents has no boundaries! And what amazes me more is that Saving Francesca is not just an ordinary YA book that will sweep you to your feet and makes you fall head over heels. There's a depth in the story, with Francesca's family problem and there are the common teen/school problems but Francesca's character didn't end up looking like a whiny girl with all the problems in her shoulders. Instead, it was focused on how she surpassed all of them problems with how a real teen would. 

For the first time, I became attached to a character that's not supposed to be a part of the main characters' love triangle. Jimmy. I hope he did, Francesca and Jimmy would really look good together instead of Will.Sorry. I really like Jimmy's character. His subtle ways of supporting Francesca is really sweet, even his attitude towards her mother is admirable. I think Jimmy got all the good points in this book with all his actions while Will only did is kiss and say sweet words and Frankie is all his. I'm really sad for Jimmy :( I'll take him anytime :p

Frankie's friends are the best! They are not fictional characters, they're real! That's what friends are really are. I remember my friends in them, it makes me miss them. Hands down to Ms. Marchetta for creating another fantastic characters... again.


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