Feature and Follow Friday 4

Friday, September 14, 2012

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Question of the Week: What hyped up book do you think was not worth all the talk?

Honestly speaking, I can't think of any book. At some point in time, I did enjoy Twilight, Fifty shades series and other hyped up books. I enjoyed them at the time I was reading them and only after few month did I realize or wonder how come I enjoyed them ... hahaha
However, most of them I still love :)


Naomi Hop said...

I'm like you, I enjoyed them both too, there's not many I haven't enjoyed!

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The Readdicts said...

Twilight as great, Fifty Shades I'm yet to read and I am gonna read it!

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Miss Bookgineer said...

Thanks for following..followed back :D

Miss Bookgineer said...

Thanks! followed back :)
have fun reading :D

Amanda @ Letters Inside Out said...

I always do that too! I think I loved it and then realize it wasn't as great as I'd originally thought...

Nicki J Markus said...

New follower from FF. I loved your answer. I actually enjoyed the Twilight series when reading it, even though the writing is not that good - it's a guilty pleasure!

Miss Bookgineer said...

haha! I guess it depends on our current mood :p
I somehoe can't find you follow widget :(

Miss Bookgineer said...

guilty pleasure indeed :D

Moonlit Librarian said...

Thanks for following! Favor returned.

Lectus said...

This is my second Feature and Follow :-)

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Happy blogging!


Iona MacNeil said...

New to FF and to your blog

Miss Bookgineer said...

thanks for following guys! followed back :)

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