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Thursday, September 6, 2012

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From the sudden marriage of his brother and her stepsister, Erin and Seth meet for the first time in the airport off to Botswana. Neither of them know the mysterious journey ahead of them. Here, they would find out that they are soul mates, with the Gefallen and Guardians surrounding them, Erin and Seth is off to an adventure they never expected - in the past where Botswana is once called Shenaya. To meet their souls' friends in the past, and to finally understand the importance of a strawberry-sized diamond called the seer stone and how the past largely links to what is happening in the present.

Erin, determined to guard the seer stone and Kyle, torned between his promise in the past and his promise to Kyle in the present, both couple will fight for the love they are destined to have.

My Review

Whew!!! Finally I'm done reading this. With my iPhone, this book contains 3000+ pages, so this is such an achievement. Before going inside the book, let me first praise the cover. The cover is perfect! Yes, it's simple, but direct to the point. In my opinion, this tops the list of books where the cover is really related on the story itself and not the characters. :)

Let's begin with the real review... Honestly speaking, I was quite disappointed. Maybe because I was expecting a different picture in this book after reading the summary in Goodreads. I was looking forward on Seth and Erin's love story. Where the hell is it? Instead, I was presented with Caleb and Talitha's then, Jared and Sophia's. Though there are bits of pieces pertaining to Seth and Erin, the story actually revolved around the other four characters. Good thing, I enjoyed their story epecially Jared. :)

Reading this, is like reading a history book. Fortunately, I was spared from the dates like who died when and who was born when. At least I don't need to memorize some dates as history books often required :p And a bonus! I'm enjoying the love story! This is also the reason why I'm having a mix feeling towards this book. There are parts that I find boring with all the details and I wonder how many pages more before it ends but at some parts, I am really anticipating what would happen next. Also, I did not connect to the characters much nor the emotions the story is giving. The build up of the story is really slow taking it's time, so it ended up kinda flat. But when I started to finally understand the big picture, which in my case happened when Sophia and Jared was introduced, I was hooked up. Finally, I'm getting it! Finally, I'm seeing where this is going to and what's the real purpose of Erin and Seth. :) Throughout these pages then, I was murmuring "oh..that's why," "now I get it." Everything just suddenly clicked into place. What I observed after reading is that there is no twist in this story at all. Te plot is straight to the point, but unplottable. I guess that's a good thing. :D

After reading, I could say this is a good book. Sadly, it's just not my kind of book. 


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