Seduction and Snacks by Tara Sivec

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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Children are nasty little creatures. It destroyed your life once your belly starts to bloat. This is what Claire believes, so she vowed never to have children... ever! So it's surprising that she became pregnant from a one night stand, her first sex ever. Who would have thought? and the worst part is??? she even didn't have the chance to get the name of her sperm donor.

So Claire was left as a single mother. For five years, she tried her best to raise Gavin. With the help of her father George, and her bestfriend Liz... Claire made it through. Until she met him once again at the club she's working to. And the funny thing is... he can't even remember her. 

Unknowingly to Claire, Carter have been searching for her for five years since he woke up in an empty bed after their one night stand. He can't remember her face, let alone her name. All he could remember is that chocolatey smell she has. So when he realized who Claire really was, he was elated... then not... Claire has a son... and undeniably has his eyes.

My Review

A funny and sexy story. At first I was totally curious why the title? The plot is very interesting as well. So go ahead Ana... time to read! :D

I was expecting  a lot of hot scenes here, there's the seduction part in the title right??? Well... it has, but unlike some adult books I know of, this book revolved around the story of Claire and Gavin's relationship and not just the sex. The love story was funny, one of the funiest love story I've read.. and very unique. They had the kid even before starting the relationship and falling deeply inlove with each other, if that's not unique, I don't know what to call it!
This book also made me crave for chocolates! Claire's chocolates are described in such a way that makes my mouth waters...except for those boop chocolates..I'll pass on that!

I admire Claire's character. She's a strong person and very well raised her son as a single mother. The people surrounding her are amazing as well. I guess George, Jim and Liz have helped Claire a lot. They supported Claire in every way they can and helped take care of Gavin. Gavin grew up well considering this 4 parents. 

Claire and Gavin has the perfect chemistry, and Gavin is the proof of that. While Claire has the strong character, Carter is the calm one. So combining their characters resulted to Gavin!haha Gavin is so adorable... I guess he has the 50% share for making this story funny and enjoyable.


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