Love Unrehearsed by Tina Reber

Saturday, September 15, 2012

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Taryn Mitchell and Ryan Christensen story continues in this Love Unscripted sequel.

After everything they've been through, Taryn and Ryan have learned their mistakes. Now, they make sure that their relationships would not lack the trust anymore. Being engaged, Taryn is introduced to Ryan's Hollywood world.The first book is just Taryn's introduction into his world, what's more ahead of them is a lot bigger, nastier, scarier and dangerous. But these two definitely gives another meaning on the saying "love surpasses all."

My Review

When I saw a review from one of my goodreads' friend, I immediately assumed that Love Unrehearsed was released earlier. So I ran to the bookstore, searching and searching. Already anxious that I'm not finding anything, I went to information desk to ask if they have it already. And guess what the nice lady told me? "Let me check on that Ma'am.... (after some typing in her PC)... Ma'am, this book is yet to be released on January 2013." Imagine my reaction when I heard that! So how come I'm seeing tons of reviews already??? Then upon browsing some more, it dawned on me... ebooks are released, not paper backs yet... OK it now 0_0

This book is smoking hot! H.O.T!!! If you find Love Unscripted hot, this is way hotter!!!  Taryn and Ryan's love has levelled up, not just in the hot department, but as well on trust and many other aspects of their relationship. It's so refreshing to read a story of madly in love couple going through everything together without the option of breaking up. There's less drama and more on love. As reading I find myself breathing a sigh of relief every time I'm guessing Taryn would leave Ryan or the other way around, then find them making up. Good thing these characters learned from their mistakes. (Unlike lot of characters I know...hoho) When I said less drama earlier, I meant the drama of them breaking up, but less drama on Ryan's world is so impossible! I can't count the problems they've faced in this book that all points to Ryan's popularity. Paparazzi, bitchy PR, a-hole manager, stalker and the come back of Lauren and Kyle...

It's nice to finally have a full picture of Ryan's world, and boy... I myself was stressed!!! But everything was made lighter with Taryn and Ryan's love for each other. 

I want to use this part of my review to honor Jimmy Pop. I know he's just a book character, it broke my heart when I read about Jimmy Pop. Gosh..he has very little role in love unscripted but once I started reading Love Unrehearsed, a part of me wonders where he is. With all the annoying paparazzi, I want to read about him, so when I did... it actually made me teary-eyed.. :(


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