Avoiding Commitment by K.A. Linde

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

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Lexi and Jack never had that chance to be really together. Either one of them is in a relationship or both of them. They never had that opportunity to have that relationship that could satisfy their attraction to each other. For six years, they did things, betrayal, secret affair and everything just to be together...but not really together.

Then, after being separated 2 years, Jack calls her saying he needs her... he needs her to convince his girlfriend he's ready to commit. Can Lexi do that and finally have the closure her bestfriend says she needed? Or will she be again trap to her attraction to Jack.

My Review

This is a good story for a book but a very bad love story! What I'm saying is that this is good story with respect on how it was written. The style, the third person POV and everything regarding the technicalities of writing. This is as well intriguing which is good for marketing. But when I say a very bad love story, I'm saying with much annoyance how I hate how the story is going! I just can't understand how Lexi and Jack has that cycle for years and never learning from it. They say they love each other and everything but only show it by doing the did! They can't leave their current relationships to be together, when they all do is be together. They deny of being together but they can't get their hands off of each other! And when worse comes to worst, they do not choose each other then ends up realizing they'll choose each other when it's too late. It would be nice if it happens once and they'll have their happy ending. But of course not! They have to do everything again and again! 

I can't understand Lexi, she believes everything Jack tells her. Even if evidences are right in front of her, she still trust him and they would end up together happily ever after. She cries for her, tells he's everything to her then ends up half naked with Ramsey... really? is this really love she's feeling or she's just craving for sex or maybe attention?

And Jack is an a**hole! He never had the guts to choose and face the consequences. He doesn't deserve Lexi neither Bekah, even if Bekah is such a b*tch. He is not man enough to choose, he wants everything to be in his grasp; He's such a good liar that I hope I won't cross path to someone like him.

With these strong emotions coming off me, I would consider it a good story. Though annoying, still a good story. Only a good story can make readers react to it in a strong way. Only a good story could make a reader be annoyed but makes them continue to read. Honestly speaking, I continued reading since I can't just stop and accept the fact that a girl like Lexi, described in the story with such an amazing character would end up destroyed by a person like Jack. I'm hoping that in the end, Lexi would have her happy ending without him, proving that a girl does not need a man to be happy, especially a man that makes her believe she could settle as number 2!


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