Reveal by Brina Courtney

Friday, August 31, 2012

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Outside, Shay Tafford is just a normal girl. A senior preparing for her college, works part-time at her all-time bestfriend's family store, her mother is a college professor, and crushing and a very cute guy etc etc. However, Shay has a secret. She can see ghosts, and for many years, she made friends with a certain ghost name Jeremy, until she unknowingly banished him. 

So when she met another ghost, a child named Wendy. She did her best to help her bring his daddy back in exchange, she'll help her see Jeremy again.

When she met Jeremy again, things are like as before. That's until she found out through Jeremy, that the same guy he's crushing on knows Jeremy as well. He could hear him. And that's not just it. Seems like, tall, dark and handsome Hugh knows ore about Shay than she knows herself, and that's include, who she really is, what she really is, and a lot about her missing father.

My Review

Let me start on how this book started. What is cryptid???

The author defined it as a paranormal being with some animal traits.

As per Wikipedia:

cryptid (from the Greek "κρύπτω" (krypto) meaning "hide") is a creature or plant whose existence has been suggested but is unrecognized by scientific consensus and often regarded as highly unlikely. Famous examples include the Yeti in the Himalayas and the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland. (

I did not get the connection a bit, but anyways... that'll do. 

I did not relate much with the title... REVEAL... though there are a lot of revelations, it did not felt major. And the's kinda creepy.. sorry..don't get me wrong. I know the connections, I just felt that way :D

Story-wise, this book is OK. I rated it 3.5 star (my first half rate) since I don't want it to be considered bad, but not too good. I hope you get it.

The story is alternating from different pace. Sometimes, it's too slow then it would become very fast. It's nice since it feels like I'm being save from the boring parts. But sometimes, there are major scenes, and feelings the scene would like to express, but I wasn't able to get the chance to enjoy it since suddenly, I'm on a different scene. Also, I never got enough time to know other characters which all seems very interesting.  Hugh's parents, Emina, Chad and Shay's mother are really interesting. Even Hugh, I didn't got to know him that much, which is sad since he could be part of my top 10 swoon-worthy characters (I'm seeing the potential.)


Brina Courtney said...

I hope you decide to continue with the series as there's more swoon worthy moments to come from Hugh. However the second book is even faster paced, with a lot of action so I'm not sure it would be your thing.
Thanks for reviewing,

Miss Bookgineer said...

If there's a promise of Hugh, then definitely I would have the second one. Even if it's action :D
Thanks for the copy and opportunity to read your book :)

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