Covenant 1 ~ Half-Blood by Jennifer Armentrout

Thursday, November 8, 2012

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Must-know before reading:
1. Hematoi - qnother term for Pure (not sure about this :()
2. Pure - Offsprings of two Hematoi
3. Half-blood - Offsprings of a Hematoi and a mortal
4. Offsprings of the halfs are useless in this world, they are treated like mortals
4. Aether - spirit/soul within the Pure and half-bloods. Pure has more aether than the half-bloods
5. Daimon - Evil creatures that sucks aether from pure and half-bloods. It is believed that Daimon are originally Pure who turned into dark side. They are vulnerable in the water.
6. Covenant - the training grounds for pures and halfs to be a sentinel or guards
7. Only Pures can be turned into Daimon
8. Half-bloods has either two future. One is becoming a sentinel/guard by training in the convenant, or be put into servitude and become a lifeless slave for the Pures
9. How to turn a pure into a daimon - "a daimon placed their lips on the drained pure's, shared some of their aether and- voila!- brand spankin' new daemon."
10. Halfs could see what the daimon really look like, pures cannot.
11. Pures and half heal quickly
12. Pures and halfs are not immortal
13. It is forbidden for pure and half to be in love.

Other must-know:
1. Alexandria is a half-blood, her mother is a pure and her father is a mortal she never met. Her stepfather Lucian is is currently a minister which is the most powerful position in the council.
2. Alexandria's mother was killed by a daimon
3. Aiden is a pure and is now a Sentinel
4. Alexandria is totally attracted to Aiden.

My Review

I heard a lot of good reviews about this series before but every time I'm planning to read it, it's either I get lazy or I suddenly become too busy. So now, finally, I get to read the first book. And I regretted every chance I had that I let to pass. It's a one-you-started-you-can't-stop-even-to-eat-or-sleep kind of book. Right from the start, there's already action. It's like the story started immediately on its momentum without warming up. And oh! by the way, if you want to read chapter 1 and chapter 2 of this book on Aiden's POV, visit here:

At first I'm quire confuse with the settings of the story and overwhelmed with out-of-this-world terms. That's why I have to enumerate the important facts in my summary, to help myself and you guys to lessen the confusion. At first, I have to go back few pages every time I don't understand something, and those pages are those written above. But once I get into it..woah! I totally enjoyed it. I got wrapped up in Alex's world that I don't want to get out anymore!haha! And when I'm getting used with the facts, suddenly, things change that will rock every one's world.

I hate Alex but like her at the same time. She's so stubborn, reckless and uncontrollable. She doesn't know when to stop and does not care if she gets into more trouble when she's already in trouble. You know what I mean? But still, she's consistent. She's not the typical heroine that changes her behavior in every situation. If she's stubborn, she's stubborn all the way! and that's what I like about her. She has this braveness and boldness that no other half have, maybe that's why other pures love her. 

Aiden, I want to love him. Gush over him and everything. He has the potential, but since the story id through Alex' POV, I wasn't able to get to know him more. Good thing there are extras on Ms. Jennifer's blog where we could have some bits of his mind. 

I root for Aiden and Alex of course! This is the kind of story that I prefer. Innocent but still sexy. haha! The story does not revolve around the making making out. There's actually a story around them, and when they make out, it's something so important for the story and is definitly hot! Speaking of, if you want another Aiden's thoughts, on chapter 16 here it is:

The story is really plottable, the story has this pattern that when big events or twists lies ahead, an introduction subtly cluing what would happen next. For example, with the apollyon thing, before the apollyon is introduced there's the book that Aiden gave to Alex. Right there, you'll know what would happen nest. But I guess that is something unavoidable. With a story with all the terms only for this story, you have to present all the details before introducing something without making the readers more confuse.


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