[R2R] A Shimmer of Angels by Lisa Basso

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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Rayla can see people with wings, and that brought her to the mental clinic - SS crazy she calls it. After 3 years of therapy, Ray finally was released. But only few days after being released, she can see them again. And worse, a new student in her school has wings. But when Cam, the new guy with wings turned out to really have wings (only Rayla could see) she expected it to justify everything about her and proves to herself that she's really not crazy and angels really exist. But then, things got more complicated as students started killing themselves and Rayla trapped in between with what seems to be the working af another angel with black wings. cam turned out to be a guardian angel for Luke, one of the students who's life is in danger.

When Ray thought things won't get any weirder, she met Kade. Kade is another guy with wings. But unlike Cam with golden white wings, Kade's wings are dark and shiny as night. And what's more? other angels won't see each other's wings, and in an anomaly Ray can't explain, she's the only one who could see wings from either sides. From Kade, she found out that Kade was a fallen angel, who succumbed to human emotions, and coincidence it might be, he once met with her mother and fell in love with her. Through Kade, she also found out that another fallen angel is causing the suicides in her school for his evil plans and if she won't do anything to stop it, more students would die, and that may include her best friend Lee. 

Together with Cam and Kade, Ray battles with Az, the fallen angel behind all the attacks to stop him from taking another innocent lives. Turned out to be, that Az has plans none of them expected.

My Review

I find the development of the story slow. I was near the midpart of the story and I'm getting bored and frustrated. I'm not sure where the story is going with all the crazy issues of Raylah and her angst toward the world and her family. It even came to a point that I'm getting annoyed with all her blabbering that is going nowhere except that I'm finding her as a self-centered crazy girl. When she started proving that Cam really has wings, she turned out to be crazier. I guess for other persons, that would be some instant realization that she is not crazy, but she has so much doubts and took her awhile before finally believing it to be real. A part of me don't blame her. For years, everyone says she's crazy and that there's no angels, that she was forced to believe it herself. So, I guess proving otherwise needs a lot of time to take in.

Halfway through though, everything went spiraling up. The story got interesting and really exciting. At this part, I'm finally getting a hint of what's the story is all about. Better late than never! haha! Kade and Cam being both angels and one human angel who can see wings started getting intriguing and I can't keep myself turning page to page to know what will happen next. I guess my waiting is worth the wait. Until the end, I was totally absorbed in the story, that I myself seems to be part of the action. 

I'm still not sure who to root for. Would it be Cam or Kade? Well, Cam came first and had Ray's first kiss so I'm guessing it's a hint he'll be the one she'll end up with. But I find Cam stiff and seems that Ray is not his priority. Unlike Kade. Kade is not far behind, though dating Ray's mom before took the romance on them, the way Kade and Ray being friends and being comfortable with each other is a plus point. I'll be anticipating the second book just for these two hot angels :)


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