Covenant 0.5 ~ Daimon by Jennifer Armentrout

Saturday, November 10, 2012

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A novella revolving around Alex's life before she returned to the Covenant. She speaks of her life living in the mortal world. The places they went to, the friends she met and how no matter how she tries, somehow she just can't fit in the mortal world. We also had a glimpse of how her mother really was before she became a daimon and what really happened before everything broke loose.


This is a very short story, only 394 pages in my iPhone. But no matter how short it is, I totally loved Ms. Jennifer for this part. As I mentioned before in my review for Half-blood, Half-blood started right in its momentum, in the middle of an action scene. Daimon is the missing part of Chapter 1 of Daimon. It's nice to know Alex' "before half-blood" I guess I was wrong to read Half-blood first before reading this. :(

Through Daimon, I had a better understanding of Alex and even her mother. What their life was like in the mortal world and how Alex get through with the escapades without exactly knowing what is going on. And when the heartbreaking part came, that tells what happened to her mother, how Alex killed a Daimon that killed her mon and ran away from the other daimons to save her life and everything, I myself was heartbroken. Too see your mother die knowing that she was dying right before your eves is so heart-wrenching.


Daphne said...

Great Review! I loved this book as well and it really did help me understand what Alex has gone through. :)

Daphne @ Reading Until Dawn

Miss Bookgineer said...

thanks :)

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