The Iron Fey 1 ~ The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Friday, November 30, 2012

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Meghan Chase will turn 16 years old in a few hours. All she's expecting on this day is a time with her all -time crush, the campus jock. But fortunately or unfortunately, life has to reveal something very unexpected to her the day she'll turn 16. Turned out to be, her best friend for almost 10 years is a faery and the famous prankster of Midsummer Night's Dream- Puck. Robin Goodfellow the Puck! But before learning this, his younger brother Ethan was kidnapped by an unknown faery. Together with Puck, Meghan ventures to NeverNever- the faery land.

And when Meghan thought she knows everything she needs to know about her life, when she met Oberon the king of the Seelie court. Then, she met Ash, the youngest prince of the unseelie court, and fell in love. 

Along with a cat, Puck and the youngest prince of the unseelie court named Ash, they traveled to the unknown part of the NeverNever to save Ethan. But the journey became dangerous in every revelation. Continuing the journey could kill not just the faery she's with, but also the whole NeverNever and Meghan is the onle one who could stop it.

My Review

This book started me in reading faery books. And until now, nothing still beats the Iron Fey series in its genre. The idea was well-thought of and very detailed. It makes you think if NeverNever really exists. Julie Kagawa have created a whole new world of faery with some twists and everyone's loving it. The Iron Kingdom is really a unique idea that won't make the reader say it's a typical faery story. There's no cliche in this book.

Everything in this book will intrigue you. First, the cover. I really love the concept of the cover. Then the title. Iron King? in a Faery story? What's the connection. Then Meghan's POV. You'll just find yourself sleepless and not stopping until you finish the book. And even the ending won't make you stop and will force you to continue reading the next book. 

But of course, a story will be good as much as its characters. And good thing, I love all the characters even the antagonists. Meghan, is the best lead character. Meghan's character is a fighter, though she seem weak and all, it does not stop her in leading the way to the unknown to save her brother.  And who would not love Ash and Puck. My dream boys came into life in this book. And of course, the caith sith! I totally love Grimalkin! Why? Well, because he is a cat!haha He's one of the major contributor in making this story not boring.

It's a perfect book for relaxing. A way for you to escape the real world for a while and enjoy another world, with faeries, cat talking and all the twists the NeverNever could offer.


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