The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

Sunday, November 11, 2012

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In Every facebook status, Josh and Emma could determine what's happening in their lives. Emma is married, Josh is as well. Every page refresh, both of them sees what is happening to them.

The only problem is, it's 1996, and facebook has not yet been developed. So what are they looking at? Josh and Emma are looking at a facebook application on Emma's laptop after installing a CD-ROM that's supposed to be AOL only. Here, they could see their future- fifteen years older version of themselves. And every action they do in the present creates ripples of changes that affects their future from their relationship, jobs, children and everything.

My Review

The moment I read the plot of this, I immediately got intrigued. A love story revolving around facebook??? I thought it would be like "Rosie Dune" by Cecilia Ahern where the story would revolve on conversation through email or in this case, facebook status. So when I started reading, I got confused in the beginning. This is not what I expected. Seems like I missed some major part of the plot. And that is, it's 1996 and there's still no facebook. So, when I realize this is sort of "time-travelling" type of story, I finding it kind of corny. But when I continue reading, my curiosity got the better part of me. Every thing that Josh and Emma does changes their future as seen n their future facebook wall. Even just the minor part of ruining a new carpet has done a major effect in their future.

Josh and Emma got drown in the facts and details they are seeing in their future. Who wouldn't?! So I won't blame them when Emma tried everything to change the future which she doesn't like or when Josh made it to the point to make sure that the future he saw would happen. Then, bit by bit it seems like both are being controlled by their future instead of their present. Their actions are based on what they see in the future, and as long as they see that everything is ok in the future, they don't care about anything else.

Future could be either sad or happy. It depends on how you would see it, but one this is for sure, there are changes. I would like to quote something from the book that I believe is one of the saddest truth:

"People grow apart and sometimes there's nothing anyone can do about it."

It's a simple story actually. A love story with a future facebook twist. But what got me hooked into it is of course, the twist of facebook. I could relate...every facebook user would! Then, as I continue on reading, it would make you contemplate in different things. First, every decision one make, no matter how small or big it is, not only affects you in the future but also other people as well. It makes me think, that maybe I should be more responsible in my words, thought and actions. There's also that facebook issue, that we are in the age where we would write everything on facebook. We write whether we are happy, not happy, frustrated, relaxed and everything. For Emma and Josh who happen not to know anything about facebook at first, they find it weird for people to see everything in facebook, it made me wonder, for other people with facebook now, what do they think when they see my status? I guess I should be more responsible in my facebook status from now on :) And I guess the best message I got from this is that: no matter what your future may be, it should come from decisions that you chose because it's something you thought about and what is your heart's desire. So when you are already in that future, you would be happy with no regrets. 


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