Covenant 3 ~ Deity by Jennifer Armentrout

Saturday, November 10, 2012

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Because of everything that happened in Catskills, Alex knows deep inside that something really big is coming up, and that it would all be trouble. Everything has changed. Alex chose Seth, that mistake she had done killing a pure and Aiden covering that mistake but doing compulsion over a pure. Both are against the law. Alex's mistake could mean servitude for her and Aiden's could mean treason or death. So everything should be kept as secret

Other than that, there are more pressing issues that Alex and the group  they should consider. Minister Telly is determined to put Alex into servitude, the issue of Alex's awakening and being a power charger for Seth, Alex's doubt about Lucian, her concern on how Seth looks up to Lucian, the furies plan of returning to kill her and more. 

But through all of this, there's Aiden who swore to protect Alex until the end. 


First, can anyone explain me what's on the cover. That one with glowing tattoo? Is that part of the body? What specific body??? I just can't distinguish it and I can't get it out into my mind!!! Haha

I would just like to quote Seth on how she describes Alex, because it totally hit the mark.

"Ah, I remember this girl who couldn't follow a simple rule even if her life depended on it."
"The girl who can't follow rules to save her own life..."

When I thought Pure is already high with emotions in everything, Deity heightened it more!!! I'll tag this book as don't-mess-with-me-while-reading-this-book. This book totally owned me! My thoughts and my emotions. It got me angry, happy, playful, frustrated, anxious, disappointed, sad, heartbroken and everything more! This book has all the control over me, no one could talk to me while reading this, eyebrows scrunched together sitting in the corner. I looked creepy here...hahaha!

What I love the most in this story is Aiden is back in action!!! Finally! His concern for Alex, his protectiveness, actions and words totally made me fall for Aiden all over again! I truly understand the attraction/love Alex feels for Aiden...because... I feel the same way! hoho

Seth on the other hand is changing, that part I foreseen. There's something wrong with Seth that's cluing Seth is going in the wrong path. Those looks he had every time Alex got her new marks are really scary. I'm a little frustrated with Alex for not noticing it immediately. 

Then, revelations came after an almost tragedy. And I literally squealed that I guessed right! After that, some scenes really went so funny with the banters of all the characters which made the story light for a while which is good, since I'm already so tired from reading this with all the emotions it puts me through. :)

You might notice my reactions in guessing right. That is because this story is totally unplottable! But since I have the habit of guessing on what's head, this book totally blows my mind from all the surprises!

Near the end, frustration overwhelmed me. I want to pull Alex and shake her until she wakes up from his stupidity. Her hope for Seth is admirable, but nearing the line of stupidity. Also, I just can;t understand how Alex can will keep her calm and sarcasm when everything around her is so serious. I feel like if she took everything seriously, Seth would understand what she's trying to say, but she speaks like her life is not depended on it that's why she did not convinced Seth on what she's trying to tell her. *sigh

Then everything turned into an exciting Greek Mythology story. _spoiler here_ Gods finally acted and showed themselves! And everything went to exciting to more exciting. This story just keeps getting better and better that I doubt if it would stop!

So here I am, staring at my calendar and thinking how long April 2013 is from today for the next book... *sigh


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