[ARR] In Between Seasons by Cassandra Giovanni

Thursday, November 1, 2012

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Year 2031, everything has collapsed. The old world is gone and all Kate knows is what her parents told her what happened. Kate can't help herself but asked "why" and search reasons on everything that happened, and every time she gets lectured for asking such things, Kate's doubt towards her family increases. Without anyone telling her what she needs to know, deep inside Kate feels that there's more to what her family tells her.

Then came Hunter, attacked their home and kidnapped Kate. Instead of being afraid and trying to run, she felt safer with him and finds herself running along with him. Through Hunter, Kate finds the answers she's looking all her life. But can she handle the truth? She found out that all this time she's in the middle of war, and her father is one of the chief of a tribe that's involved. And Hunter? He's the general and only son of the chief of their tribe's opponent.

Hunter kidnapped Kate as a mission, they believe that she knows something about a secret weapon. But he found out that Kate knows nothing about anything, even her last name. As they journey to his home, he can't control the urge to protect Kate, even if it's from his own father. 

My Review

The story started off as awkward. I blame myself for noticing too much. There's those misplaced comma, weird use of words and not so clear sentences. I'm loving the story but the sentences got me lost in some parts. At one part, I find myself laughing when Trevor screamed. Really? The first instance that I've read that part, I imagined a boy shrieking like a girl. I guess "shout" would be more appropriate for Trevor :) Good thing the writing got better in the next chapters. 

For the story being post-apocalyptic, I'm expecting lots of details, but the world portrayed in the story seems so vague. I haven't had a good picture of what world Kate and Hunter are living in. I know there's the war, the tribe and everything. Yes, the basics are covered but I want more. Just like Kate, I am asking "why." Somehow, the author failed to elaborate on that part. For me, it's a little bit shallow for their history to be left at that. The world changed, families created the tribes, then they went into war against each other. 

It is very straight forward in a good way, I didn't even found some twist but I wasn't able to plot ahead. Maybe because I was expecting something greater ahead. Like heart-stopping scenes and twist that would shock me. Instead, I was faced with a very direct story, what you see is what you get. Or maybe, those I expected didn't turned out to be how I expected them to be. Somehow, the story went flat. It's like the story is getting there... it's already at its peak... building up and up and up..then poof! It went spiraling down. Still, I enjoyed it fine.

But other than that, I strongly thinks that this story has potential. It's really good actually! If you let your imaginations take you while reading this book, you'll find yourself watching a very good movie. I've fallen in love with Hunter!!! If I'm going to be kidnapped, I demand someone like Hunter! Haha! Kate and Hunter's love story got me frustrated! First is they're one-of-a-kind love story. Well, they have this kidnapper-victim relationship, then when they became friends, they had all the tensions around them. Why can't they just say those words they really need to hear so they could already be together? *sigh what I find so good in this story is that Kate and Hunter are the main characters which are so fun to read, specially when they tease each other and also, the story around them that is so great, interesting and very intriguing. At the end though, it was asking for more. I feel like I need to read more from them, so I'm hoping another book about them. 


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