Covenant 2 ~ Pure by Jennifer Armentrout

Saturday, November 10, 2012

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"Listen to me, child. Fate is afoot. Things cannot be undone. Fate has looked into the past and into the future. History is on repeat, but this is the time to press 'stop.' To change everything" -Grandma Piperi

"I ain't nothing no more. You must see what I've shown you. Hear what I have spoken. Nothing is what it seems. Evil hides in the shadows, plotting its plans while you fear the daimons. -Grandma Piperi

"You should fear those who follow the old ways. Those who do not seek change and cannot allow things to continue as they are. And what a path, what a path the Powers have chosen. The end, the end is near. He, will see to it." - Grandma Piper

These words of the oracle tells everything on what would happen in this story. 


Of all the oracle characters I have read, Grandma Piperi is the best! Why? Well, it's because I honestly do not know what she's talking about! I can't even guess! For the other I have read, most of them are quite clear on what they are saying in their prophecy. But with grandma Piperi, instead of making me know what the future holds, I got more confused! Way to go Grandma Piperi!!!

Now that Seth is everywhere Alex is. I grew to like him. I'm in the brink of choosing Seth over Aiden for Alex! However, there's the magic of forbidden love, that no matter how good the other guy is, I have this tendency to root for it wishing for a happy-ever-after just to prove that love conquers all! But in the meantime, while Aiden is MIA, I'll enjoy Seth! Haha!

Seth turned from being the arrogant to a very sweet person.... but still arrogant! His smugness keeps the story entertaining, specially when she is with Alex. But no matter how I want to root for Seth, there's this part of confusion if he is with Alex because he needed to or he wanted to. Just like what Grandma Piperi mentioned in Half-blood. Also, there's Aiden with that habit of saying something big and sweet then suddenly leaves, leaving you thinking all day what the hell was that! and boy! Aiden's words are totally sweet making me forget everything about Seth!!! Alex! why are you so lucky??!! haha!

Every characters, little or big has very important part in the story. I love the story, but sometimes I feel it's too cruel. A lot of persons are dying, first, Alex's mother, then more. It's just as I've said, all the characters get into you, and when I'm already used with them, already loving them as if they're real persons... poof! aw! this story is really making me cry :(

The emotions in this story is very high, and it goes higher and higher it never stops until the end! Emotions and tensions are always present in this book. It made me tired all throughout with my fast heartbeat!!! 


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