Always You by Kirsty Moseley

Thursday, November 8, 2012

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Riley and Clay ahd been bestfriend forever. Being neighbor and all, this two are inseparable that they even sleep together once or twice a week. Literally just sleep together, nothing more. But when Riley returned for a month-long vacation and moved to new school where Clay is going, it seems that a month away from Clay had made her realize that Clay might not be just a friend for her. 

Clay has always been the protective one, threatening other boys from coming near her and protecting her from everything else. Being the new girl in her school, Clay helped a lot in making her feel a ease, except for the daggers she's receiving from the looks of the girls that's chasing Clay. Clay has always been a playboy, and that's what Riley is afraid of. That in case she's really feeling something for Clay, everything is just a game for his bestfriend. But when Clay is showing the same affection, and the possibility of feeling the same way, could the two risk their friendship for something more?

My Review

The story went overboard on everything. on their friendship, on their attraction, on drama and everything. I mean it when I say everything you know! First there is the weird and awkward friendship. I definitely agree that a boy and a girl can definitely be friends. But these too are crossing the line on their friendship even before Riley realizes what she feels for Clay. First, friends don't hug each oher the way they do:

"I dropped my bag, and just as he got over to me, I jumped into his arms and wrapped my arms and legs aroung him, squeezing him as tight as I could"

I'm ok with all the hugging, but with legs..really? Second, friends don't sit on each other's laps:

"I moved over to sit on his lap and wrapped my arms around his neck putting my forehead to his"

Seriously??? That's not how two friends should act right? and lastly, friends don't mark each other by giving each other a kiss mark!

These are just few things I notice that I feel that don't match up with them being friends and all. There's also the part that they sleep together, but I will let it go since I am a fan of "The boy who sneaks in my bedroom window" by the same author. The story is so similar with TBWSIMBW that I can't help but compare. Both lead characters grew up together, both sleep inthe girl's bed together (the only differencei s the one sneaks and the other legally sleep with her with the persmission of their parents), bith girls are in serious trouble (one is from her abusive father the other is from a delusional almost ex-boyfriend).

Also one more thing that is too much of too much here is those two when they got together. Every page, I can't help but grimace that this two just can't stop making out. Privately and publicly. I'm not saying that I'm against it, it's just that it is too much. More of like "not appropriate" anymore. Anyways, I continue reading because the story is quite fun. Other than those things I mentioned above, the story is entertaining.

Then, when they went to Vegas, that's when everything went totally overboard. Ok.. I'll stop right there, I don't want to give spoilers... but these too are just 17 and 18 so I hope you'll understand where I'm getting at once you read it. 

The funny thing is, no matter how many things I point out here that I don't really agree with, I just can't stop reading it. haha! I must admit that the story is really intiguing and a page turner. It made me anxious what would happen next especially with the danger lurking aroung Riley and all. Also, these two are unstoppable in surprising me in all decisions they make. Though I find them so young and letting their hormones control them, I can't help but root for them, crossing my fingers that they get the HEA they deserve. And in the end, this book did not disappoint me. Yes they got their HEA, but it's more than that. :)


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