[R2R] The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay

Monday, November 19, 2012

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Nastya Kashnikov is the new student. The girl who only wears black and stilletto. Nobody knows much about her, except that she doen not talk. Literally doest not talk except for "no," "yes" and "maybe." But deep inside, the girl with selective mutism is full of rage. Anger for all the things she could no longer do and anger to the person who took it all away from her.

Josh Bennett is surrounded by death. Everyone arounds him die. His mother and younger sister, his grandmother, his father and now his grandfather. With all the deaths, he can go away wfrom anything, all people avoids him and he avoids all of them. Until Natstya Kashnikov came and destroyed that "force field " that surrounds him. A girl that do not talk but gives him the curiosity and the company he never though he needed, Josh bit by bit is getting used to her and maybe, falling for her.

But Nastya has too many secrets she could not share, secrets that even herself is too afraid to tell. Will Josh love for her break all the walls she put to protect herself from her dark past or would she let her dark past consume not just her voice but everything about her?

My Review

The plot itself got me intrigued, then paragraphs on each chapters makes me more curious what's this book is about. It's hard to do a review without giving some spoilers because this story is one big mystery and I totally LOVE it so firgive me for some spoilers! There are time that Nastya would say something that would make me stop... "what?!" who's emilia? you were murdered? Can someone tell me what's going on??!

When I'm finally having a hint on what's going on, (that means I'm finalyl getting that Nastya survived a murder) I'm a little bit worried that I won't like it that much. I've just finished reading another murder story and it's quite heavy emotionwise so I need a break from those type, but then I find myself laughing at some parts. So.. this story has the heavy emotion of a murder story and death but still has the time to be humorous... I'm really loving this!

The development of the story is perfect. The stages before the two moved on from their grief gives the readers too much lessons. When the part came where Josh and Nastya has the conversation of believing in God, and that Josh says:

"I believe in God, Sunshine. I've always believed that God exists, I just know that he hates me."

That says it all, it's just a line but you could feel the deep emotion on what Josh is saying and somehow, even if you didn't had the experience Josh had, you could relate. The story gives you something to ponder on. Whether it's on overcoming grief, acceptance or moving on... it jsut says so much!

It's nice to see the name "Emilia" in the chapters at the end, I guess it's symbolizes the acceptance and movin on. Saying this is a page-turner is an underestimation. I got late in my date with my boyfriend because I can't stop my "just-one-more-chapter" promise, then I eneded up staying up until 4 in the morning because I can't stop until I finish it. This is just unbelievable amazing! I didn't expect too much from this book but this definitely entertained me more than I wanted it to be. And the ending? There's no better ending than this I swear! Such a perfect ending!


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