The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten ~ The Lost Prince

Saturday, November 17, 2012

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Meet Ethan Chase. Yes, the same Ethan Chase. Younger brother to Meghan Chase that was kidnapped by the Iron King back that led to her sister saving him and ending up as the Iron Queen. The same Ethan Chase who started it all.

And now, he's 17 year old and no one hates the Feys more than him. The feys kidnapped him when he's so young, broke his family apart by taking her sister as the ruler, and now making his life miserable with all of them putting him in trouble because of his Sight.

In his new school, this is the last chance for Ethan to make it right. After being expelled in his former schools because of the Fey trying to burn the school and other else, Ethan wants nothing but to have a normal life away from the Fey. But with his sight, and a school mate who happens to be a half fey, Ethan finds himself trapped once again in the business of the Fey. And now, his family and everyone close to him are being threatened by Feys he never seen before, leaving Ethan with no choice but to go to his sister to the Faery world for help, bringing along a girl he wishes would never be endangered because of him.

My Review

My favorite feys are back!!! Once again. Julie Kagawa proved that the magic of the Feys and the Iron Kingdom has not been lost and forgotten.

It's good that finally Meghan chase had her happy ending, but sad that I would no longer hear new stories about the love of Ash and Meghan in a book. But good thing Ms. Kagawa gave readers consolation by bringing a whole new story starting with Ethan. I think it's just a right thing to put Ethan Chase as a lead character in the this new series since everything started when he was kidnapped. We only saw him before as the younger brother whom Meghan loves so much. But now, here he is, all hunk and all!

But Ethan is full of anger, so I find it less enjoyable than the original series. Grimalkin is right, Ethan are Meghan are the same, but Meghan is better company! Speaking of Grimalkin, I totally miss this cat!!! No one is more clever than he is, just because he is a cat! Yes!!! The series won't be complete without this vanishing pet!

Honestly speaking, I didn't like the new characters that much. Ethan is always brooding, Kenzie is so stubborn beyond annoyance, Annwyl ends up being a weakling and Kierran seems to be just a spoiled prince who's in love. Before throwing tomatoes on me, please hear me first. This is what I saw from them in this story. Unlike the previous series, we find out lots of reasons in their characters. Like Ash is cold because the way his family are, Meghan is stubborn but brave because she loves her family so much. But here, there's not much of a foundation on the story behind their characters. Well, except for Ethan whom story we already know. Though at the end, Kenzie's character is justified, still, I find other information lacking I can't pinpoint. Maybe I'm saying this because I love Ash-Meghan-Puck story that I was expecting more from the new series. But I'm not closing my doors, though I was not able to be attached with the characters, the story behind them really good and I know this would end up a great story and I'm just in the beginning of it.


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