Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta

Thursday, November 1, 2012

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Josephine Alibrandi is now in her last year at a wealthy Catholic high school. She grew up with people treating her as an outsider and someone not good to be with, and that includes herself. Being an Italian who was born in Australia, Josephine is quite confused within herself if she would consider herself an Italian or an Australian.

Trapped between the culture of Italians and the liberated life of being an Australian, Josephine lives her life the way she believes it should be... and that includes saying everything she thinks without filter.

To find herself, to know who she really is and what she really wanted, Jose will bump into many people that would define her in the future. Mysterious boy that would teach her how to love, am unwelcome and unexpected past and those people who are constantly with her. Her friends, her nonna and her mother.

My Review

During the first part, I was kind of sad that I'm not enjoying it as much as I wanted to. It being a Marchetta and all. I couldn't quite relate with Alibrandi and her mood swings. Then, when I'm getting used with how Jose speaks and how her mind works, I grew to like her. Suddenly, I find myself adoring Alibrandi. The way she talks and her character is really unique. Strong and admirable. The first time I laughed because of something Jose said, was the moment I noticed myself enjoying the story.

So, once again I ended up praising Ms. Marchetta for such a wonderful work. It's simple yet intelligently written. Her writing is way beyond some of I've read. I believe it's her trademark - her writing. I think if I would be reading her book, without her name on the cover, I would still know it's her creation. 

Page by page, I am being pulled into the characters. Mid part  I realize that this is not just Jose's story but the other Alibrandis as well. The story was not just about Jose's growing up, but what happened to the most influential women in her life. But what I love the most in this story is how I've clearly seen Jose grew up from being a rebel Italian to a matured young lady. Her experiences, her thoughts and actions are something that once in my life I also experiences, thought and did. 


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