Confessions of a Murder Suspect by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

Saturday, November 17, 2012

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Growing up from a perfectionist parents, with an unorthodox way of raising their children, Tandoori grew up sheltered and looked upon by people. Every Angels has skills beyond normal. Tandy's older brother is a famous NFL player, her twin brother has been been an extraordinary artist, the youngest Angel, who's only 10 already shows a strenght a 10 year old should be impossible to have, and she herself is intelligent beyond a normal teenager should be.

Then her parents are murdered in their own house, in their own bed and there was no sign of break ins or stolen items. That leaves everyone inside the house as the murder suspect. The Angel children, including Tandoori.

It is not a secret within the walls of the house how their parents have raised them. Strict, brutal with too much expectations. Each of them has their motives to kill their parents, but who did really kill them? And Tandy feels like it's her responsibility to find out who, especially when there are things she can't remember, things she's starting to remember, things that might tell her who the real suspect is.

My Review

My first book by James Patterson and I'm already putting him in the pedestal. The story is very well written with such uniqueness. Written in Tandy's POV, writing is easy to understand, the flow of the story is natural but what totally got me hooked is how Tandy addresses directly to the reader. It makes the reader feels he/she is part of the story, part of the secret and confusion she is feeling, making the reader think what really is going on. I never had a lot of questions while reading a book until I read this. Every page has revelations that would lead you to more mysteries. 

As other book goes, what got me instantly attached to this is the cover, a beautiful girl, with an intriguing title and the line "Does this girl look like a murderer to you?" Te moment I saw this in the best-selling shelves, I can't stop thinking about it. However, I had a moment of doubts from buying it since I never tried mystery and thriller before, ever. But as days go by, the title keeps popping in my head. So couple of days after, I'm in the bookstore grabbing the book without second thought and off to the cashier!

I thought this is just an ordinary murder story, but when I started reading, some parts got me confused. How the Angel Family lives is one big mystery, I have to go back reading previous scenes before I finally get used to Tandoori's life. It does not spoon feed the reader on what's happening. I find myself wondering what the hell is Tandy's saying? "congo grande" where did that come from. But as the story continues, I'll find out what it is then I just end up nodding my head "oh... now I see what that means.." . But I'm not against this, in fact I love the style of writing, it makes me think nonstop.

The story itself is the big climax, there's no high and low in this book but you can't say it's flat. Every scenes are high, every revelations makes your head spin and the anticipation who really killed Mr. and Mrs. Angel would drive you crazy. Though the end was just "ok" I never saw it coming.

Still, there are lots of questions, lots of mysteries unsolved so... will there be a sequel?


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