While it Lasts by Abbi Glines

Monday, October 29, 2012

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Cage York's only chance in going to college is baseball. And now, it's beinth threatened to be take away from him since he got his DUI. Not if he spends his summer in a farm without girls and help his coach's brother in baling hay.

Eva Morgan's life revolved around her fiance Josh Beasley. Since they were young, her future is already planned, and that includes Josh in it. Until, Josh died in a bombing in Baghdad. Now, Eva's future is falling apart. How can she move on from someone who's not just his bestfriend since she was kind but the love of her life.

 Then the two met. Cage needs to spend his summer in the farm to get his baseball life back, and in that farm lives Eva Morgan with her amazingly blue eyes. Cage felt the instant attraction with her, but he could list all the possible reasons why she's off-limit. There's Jeremy who he thinks is her boyfriend, and the ring she's wearing meaning she's engaged and... she's the daughter of her boss. Hitting on her could him possibly end up getting fired, losing baseball and his scholarship. But what if what he feels for her is different. Different in a way that changes him from being a one-night-one-woman type to one woman man. And what if there's a chance that Eva is feeling the same way about him?

My Review

This is definitely a story that gets into you.I can't believe that this book already got me teary-eyed on the first few pages.Eva and Josh's story is so heartbreaking that I'm not sure how to root for Cage in the next scenes. Josh was described as the perfect person for Eva. The bestfriend, best boyfriend and best fiance, until he died. If I have someone like him, I would be just like Eva. Trapped in the past, afraid of forgetting him. He's not just someone that she met in college and fell in love with, he's someone that Eva grew to be with even when they were young, so I guess I understand her in that part.

Then there's Cage which is exactly the opposite of Josh. But there's the charm. His smugness and sexiness definitely makes him a top hottie! So when Cage came, I'm like Eva, starting to move on from Josh. Cage definitely has the "it" to grab anyone's attention! I totally love the story because of these characters! Eva and Cage has the chemistry even if they are totally opposite each. And who wouldn't love a story where a man with bad habits suddenly changes for that one girl...and oh..isn't his possessiveness so damn cute?? :D

The story went well, the flow of it was good and the development of Eva and Cage's relationship was just in its perfect pace. However, I feel like some important parts were skipped. Like how Eva stood up against her father and Mrs. Beasley regarding her feelings for Cage. I was hoping to know the details about it. I guess it's so important because that would define what Eva really feels for Cage and if she really already moved on.

I didn't know there's a Sea Breeze series, so forgive me if I jumped to the third one. But I'm afraid to read the other series, this books was so good I'm afraid the other ones would ruin the series for me. And... no Cage and Eva??? I'm really having a second thought about this. I want more of them, can't I have it? 


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