Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens

Saturday, August 4, 2012

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When Kiera and her 2-year boyfriend Denny moved to Seattle for Denny's internship job and Kiera's scholarship, they stayed with Denny's bestfriend and a "man-candy" Kellan Kyle. Starting a new life, everything seems to be perfect until Denny was sent away for his internship job. With Denny gone, Kiera and Kellan's attraction towards each other grew and grew until a terrible mistake happened right after an emotional break up between Kiera and Denny.
With Denny back to make up with Kiera, things are never the same as before. With hidden betrayal and forbidden feeling, Kiera and Kellan did everything to satisfy their attraction for each other and at the same time hides everything to Denny.

My Review:

After reading the book, I definitely agree with the title. Kiera is sssoooo thoughtless.. and may I say selfish! The story is so emotional and so disagreeable at times. I find myself shaking my head on most part, but still, I kept reading. Even being frustrated and annoyed with this story, it still got me hooked up. 

First there's Denny, I feel for him and even took pity for him. He's such a good person, a gentleman and a perfect boyfriend. But I believe everything started because of his mistake. When he accepted that permanent job without thinking that he'll leave his girflriend all alone, whom in fact, left her hometown and her family just to be with him. What Denny did definitely put a small crack in their relationship. Not that I'm justifying what Kiera and Kellan did, but I guess that's really where it all started.

And Kiera? oh! she's a selfish brat! How could she be so thoughtless?? ('s the book title..fine!) But doing things, deciding things without giving too much thought? All throughout the story, she didn't even ponder what he really feels for Kellan. At the end of the story, I guess she deserves the consequences for her action. At the part when she felt all alone and miserable, I deliberately stopped reading the whole night to savor the satisfaction of her loneliness... haha! I'm so mean. You see, I'm not really in favor... I mean I hate anyone who agrees with this kind of relationship. I decided reading this just to be open-minded... I guess I did not succeed much in that part..I'm trying not to be judgmental so I'm sorry. I just can't find any justification on what they did, esp Kiera who said she loves Denny. But maybe, I am not in her shoes that's why I could say these things. I'm sure it would be totally different if these happen to me in real I apologize Kiera for ranting on y0u :/
What I understand for Kiera is her fear. Her fear to leave her comfort zone and choose something she doesn't have any idea what would be her future would be. With Denny, everything is safe but with Kellan, it's a rollercoaser.

What makes it for me so much easier to not be judgmental is because I really love Kellan's character. A rock star who's really vulnerable inside. He took all the blame when he's not he one who started it. And I totally admire him for his decisions, though he wavers all the time, the decisions he made at the end is admiring. :) 

I have a love-hate relationship with this book. I love all the characters but they annoy me. Still, I'm on Effortless now :D


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