Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Friday, August 24, 2012

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In a time where Love is considered a disease, Lena- seventeen years old, could not wait for the time that she will get "the cure." Amor Deliria Nervosa made her mother take her life and leaves her and her sister alone, thus she strongly agrees with the government when they say that it is a dangerous and deadly disease.

But few months before being cured, at her evaluation day, Lena met Alex. After meeting him again, Lena could not explain the feeling she's having and her inability to refuse Alex when he asked to meet her again. Then, one time that Alex had saved her and one night of revelations, Lena realized that she might be infected.

My Review

If I have a heart attack, this book has killed me thousand times! It made my heart stopped in so many different excitement, frustration, suspense and fear! 
I could feel Lena's fears for the rule breaking she's making and my own fear and anticipation on what will happen next. If this was a movie, my hands are on my hands trying to cover my eyes on my fear of what would happened next but still peeking on what's already going on...haha!

I totally understand Lena's fears. But at first, I get annoyed on her attitude. She always say she's afraid, that she won't break rules but then. she'ss find herself on the way to illegal parties then backs out when she's already there. She judges Hana on her actions then ends up doing it as well, and even worse! But when everything bacame clear to her and she realizes what she really feals and stopped being afraid, I started loving her. Bit by bit, she overcame her fears and started opening up to Alex. 

Alex and her golden-brown hair. I think Lena has successfully established that Alex had a golden-brown hair. She just mentioned it a lot of time. And when I mean a lot, it's A LOT! Alex character did not stand out that much to me. I guess because he was in Lena's shadow, being the boy who got Lena infected. I could feel the strength in his characer but he did not have the opportunity to show it in this book. Still, at the end... it broke my heart... :((

Lauren Oliver had this talent of creating a brand new world inside the United States. Her ideas of Love being a disease and all the "quotes" from books she made at the start of each chapter make it feel more real. It was without doubt amazing! It's what I love most in this book, Oliver's ways with words. I love the quotes, I even highlighted some of them but stopped, thinking I could highlight the entire book! This book swallowed me whole and sent me to Oliver's world where I could feel the suffocation as well. The fear of being inlove, being watched and being captured by the government just because of feeling something. 


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