Consequences by Elyse Draper

Sunday, August 26, 2012

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Christopher now chose the life of isolation together with Lune and his mate Ursa. After his life in Vegas with James after Ellie left him, Christopher suffers the consequences and self-hatred for the horrible things he did.

Now that James is dead, there's only V. And V could no longer control Christopher. Thanks to Lune who brought him back to sanity during the time he's becoming a monster. Lune's breaking V and Chris' connection created a deeper connection between Chris and Lune. Now, Chris can communicate with his bestfriend, and Ursa as well. Along with his new friend Michael, Chris is starting to move on from his nightmares, waiting for Ursa's birth, coping everyday without Ellie and finally sharing his secrets with Michael.

On the other hand, Ellie kept her promise. She travelled around the world to find someone who'll teach her. She met her mentor in Athens, Cassandra. Yes, the legendary Cassandra. The Princess of Troy and the Prophetess. Cass taught her a lot about the Ho Thanatos, the good and evil in their kind and the human kind.

The love of Ellie and Chris could not be stop by their separation. Everyday, they long for each other. All they can do is prepare themselves for they know, someday soon... they'll be together again.

My Review

Frustration!!! Frustration!!! Frustration!!! That's exactly what I'm feeling right now. Can anyone tell me where this story is going???!!! I was expecting some clarity in the second book since Freewill left me with a lot of question marks... But with Consequences, all I got are more question marks and now I'm putting exclamation marks as well!

At the first chapters, I stopped many times confused if I am reading the right book. Is this really the second book? Is there a mistake? You see, at the start, the story skipped everything that happened in Vegas, where I'm expecting it to begin.  Then, bit by bit, there are the flashbacks and retelling of Michael of what happened in Vegas to Michael. I got the point of the writing style, since of course, you'll be hitting two birds in one stone. Introducing the new characters in present and as well explaining the past. However, there's a bit of disappointment in my part. I feel like what happened to Michael in Vegas is such a very important part of the story that it got wasted by just telling it through flashbacks.

Then there is this case that the story suddenly focused with Lune, Ursa and their daughter Artemis. Now, the story was all about the wolves??? what??? with no explanation and all... there's not even a hint what's the connection of Ellie and Chris with the wolves before rambling all about these majestic creatures. Ellie and Chris pushed to the background. I totally adore Lune, I already mentioned that in my review of Freewill, but it's just... can we take the same road? I'm really getting confuse here.

With Ellie, it's all about Ho Thanatos, flashbacks on her part and Cassandra. Little connection with Chris' story in the previous chapters. This book is just like two puzzles that does not fit. I don't fully get the connections and relationships of each characters' story. It's like Christopher is one story, Ellie is another and one more for the dogs/wolves. Even Michael and Cassandra seems to have a separate story :( Of course I'm not saying they're not connected at all! Cass is Ellie's mentor, Michael is Chris' friend and Ellie and Chris are lovers separated by whatever reason, and Lune is Lune! There! There's the connection! Just that *sigh again

Though Echidna is the ultimate evil in this story, I'm thankful in her. Through her, I had some tine ideas of the connections I'm searching for. But still not enough. *sigh one more

Well, I'm not losing hope with this series. Call me stubborn, but I still believe this book has potential, so I'm on the third book. *crossfingers


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