Wishing for Someday Soon by Tiffany King

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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Welcome to Montana! Katelyn's new home for the nth time. Together with her mother and little brother Kevin, Katelyn moved to Montana with their new stepfather again for the nth time. Katelyn is used to moving, she's used to it as her mother changing boyfriend, and used as her mother abusing her. As long as she could remember, her mother hurts her everytime she could. But Katelyn would accept it all, as long as her little brother Kevin remains safe. 

Montana is a different place, everyone are so nice. Making it hard for Katelyn to hide the real situation at home, especially with the cute Max. With Max, she can't say no, and soon Max sees the secret Katelyn has been hiding her whole life and she's deeply falling inlove. But Kevin is her priority, noone else. Only less than a year and she'll turn 18, and they will have their "someday soon."

My Review

I was forced to read this book in one-sitting, made me stayed up late at night. If this is not a page-turner, tell me what it is! The seriousness of the issue that's revolving this story was quite forgotten by how light it was written. It's a fast-paced story, and continues to build up as each page is turned. Every chapter, I'll make the decision for it to be the last for the time being and get my required sleep for it's Monday tomorrow, then I'll find myself negotiating with myself for another chapter. Then the cycle goes on until I finished the book midmorning. And I'm still asking for more!!! The story was getting better and better, and when it ends, it's so good that I'm begging for more!!!

Though Katelyn has the character of being abused, moved a lot of time and carries the responsibility of her younger brother, which if you think should be considered in a heavy-drama sort of thing, I would like it to put on my feel-good shelves. Katelyn is very optimistic, especially with that "someday soon" belief. And have I written how I love that title? "Wishing for Someday Soon" definitely tops my list for the best title I've ever read. The cover is good too :)

I guess it's really fate that brought Katelyn and Kevin to Montana. After everything that they've been through, they deserve to be part of a good family as large as a town. Everyone was so nice for the siblings. I totally love Mr. Wither's characters. And should I still need to say I love Max??? Though Kate and Max had only two weeks to fall inlove, which is kind of fast, it goes well with the story. Katelyn was expecting a casual relationship, but Max proved to her that what they have is more than that! sweet. His friendship with Kevin is also a plus point! What I just noticed for Max is this:

"we both have big tvs so...."

"between my iphone and laptop, I really don't much have time for it" (referring to his iPad)

Cocky much??? But I find it adorable, lucky him I love him! haha
I understand Katelyn's reservations to her relationship with Max. She's almost there, less than a year and she's 18 and she and Kevin will have their someday soon. And what Katelyn's feel for Max could ruin it all. She does not want to be like her mother.

And speaking of her mother, Lucinda. Is there really a mother like her? If there is, aargh..I really don't know. But I guess Max is right, if Lucinda is not Katelyn and Kevin's mother, it would take longer for Katelyn to be in Montana and meet Max, Mr. Wither and the others.

There are some parts that made me teary-eyed. I guess that's just proves how the characters in this story reached into the readers. This story pull you into Katelyn's world and her feelings. You'll feel her fear and as she put down her wall to let these nice people enter her world, you'll feel vulnerable yourself. You'll feel her love for Kevin and her appreciation for these people who came into her life.

Crossfingers for a sequel... I just can't get enough of all the characters! :)


Liesel K Hill said...

Great review! Glad you liked it so much! I'll TBR it! :D Thanks!

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hope you'll enjoy it too.. :)

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