Onyx (Lux #2) by Jennifer Armentrout

Friday, August 17, 2012

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I'll be assuming you've read Obsidian(Lux#1)so I won't hold my mouth, or in this case..my fingers:)


Onyx is the second installment of the Lux series, preceded by Obsidian by Jennifer Armentrout.

After doing his best to stay away from Katy, Daemon had given up denying what he feels for Katy. He's very determined to prove to Katy how much he feels for her. But Katy won't believe him, thinking that his attraction to her is somehow related to the night when Daemon healed her from a severe injury that almost took her life after the fight with the Arum and in a way made them connected to each other.

But if Katy thinks a single rejection would keep Daemon away from her, she's so wrong. Daemon loves the challenge! But now that a new guy enters the scene, expressing interest to Katy...Daemon has to level up... especially feeling something off towards Blake the new guy.

Then, Katy feels changes towards herself. In a reason she doesn't know... things around her suddenly moves, and everything breaks when she's tense or stressed...Katy needs to know what's happening to her, and only Daemon could help her, especially now that DOD are around and other dangers they are not aware of...

and then, when you think you know it all... Kate sees someone... someone she's not supposed to see... and seeing that person will change everything...

My Review:

Right after reading Obsidian, I put Onyx publish date on my calendar and an alert... I really need to have it as soon as possible. And now, August 14 has passed and I've just finished reading it. Yey!!!

I totally missed Daemon...he's in my top 10 list of best leading men. :)
He has this bad boy type in him but still knows how to be sweet... really cute! *_* And his protectiveness towards Katy is so adorable. I had a lot of fun just reading Daemon's character alone.. especially when he deliberately mistakes on Blake's name... so childish but really cute! Did I just said cute again? hm? Well I don't care, because he is!!! I so love him!!! 

Katy really did well here. Though there a lot of mistakes in her part, specifically her lack of trust in Daemon, I guess her mistakes are justifiable. What I mean is that while reading, I did not even realize Katy's making a mistake, I guess I'll do the same thing in her case. Unlike other YA books where I totally get annoyed with the characters' stupidity, thinking the mistakes the characters were given were just to create a sequel or forcefully make the story longer. Here, the story just went naturally. And when I realize the consequences of her false judgments, I did get annoyed honestly but I think, there's no other way the story could go better.
I love Katy's character because she perfectly matches Daemon's, add to the fact that she's a book blogger as well... so there's no argument here...
Can anyone tell me the books she's referring here?

The one with the character tom? (I'm not sure if it was really TOM..can' remember and can't find it now what part :()

and this one?
"I focused on the one that had a cover of a girl whose dress tuned into rose petals"

I equally love both books, without preferring any...it's because both were very well-wirtten and the story's excitement never died until the second book, I think it even heightened. There are still actions and a lot of totally sweet scenes. 


WhiskeyAndWine said...

I just finished Onyx this morning and I loved it!! Love your review!

ana cat quiambao said...

Thanks! Glad yo enjoyed it as well :)

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