Effortless by S.C. Stephens

Saturday, August 4, 2012

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Now that Kellan and Kiera are officially together, they'll do everything to never make the same mistakes again and be together forever. But their relationship has yet need to be put to another test. Here however, it's not only love they need to pass, but trust; a thing they never learned to give to each other. With a relationship that started from betrayal, how could they?

As history repeats itself, Kellan joined the band in their tour- an opportunity they couldn't pass. With the new couple apart, they all need the love and trust they need for each other. But with doubts for thousand of temptation in the road trip and Denny back to Seattle... this is going to be a very long test!!

My Review

I am a cheater!!! Yes I am!!! With thoughtless putting me in a roller coaster, I just couldn't take it if I find myself reading another book with an ending I would hate. So I peeked on the last page. Being satisfied, that's when I decided I'm going to read it. So yes, I am a cheater :(

Like the first book, I have a love-hate relationship with this book. I really get affected with this story since I'm very frustrated in most part of it. Mostly because of Kiera. Kiera's way of thinking is so different and sometime irrational. Or maybe, I just disagree with her way of thinking. At the first half of the story, I'm shouting in my thought to Kiera.. "Kiera!!! Haven't you learned your lesson???" well, she's not doing something wrong technically, but hiding that your ex is back while your current is gone is just so.... haay..
Also, it annoys me how she always say that what's between her and Denny is over, but still.. everytime Denny is mentioned, she always describe her as "my ex" .. can you just stop it Kiera???!!! 

And Denny??? I just can't believe her behavior??? Is there really some man out there who's so nice to his ex after cheating on him??? He calls her at her first day because she knows how nervous she is...uhhmm.. ok... maybe I just don't totally understand him. But admirable.

Kellan is still very adorable...and romantic!!! I feel for his fears. Though it's on Kiera's POV, after reading, it's like Kellan's character is more justified than her. He and Kiera are so perfect for each other that I feel so sad that their beginning is tainted with betrayal, thus trust is very hard. I myself can't trust their characters. :(

I love this book better than the first. Though the first book is more full of emotions, I love how this book shows how the couple try to patch everything up. Not just in their relationship but on other things that affects their relationship. I also saw how Kiera's character grew up. How she bacame the immature and mistrustful girl into a mature one at the end. Actually, you can see all characters grew up in this book. Though very rocky at the start, everything cleared up in the end.


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