Forsaken (Daughters of the Sea) by Kristen Day

Monday, August 20, 2012

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Hannah is an orphan who had experienced a rough life. So living with the with the Whitman Family with good reputation, a step sister who hates her and everyone wants her to be just a good-mannered as possible, it's nothing she could not take. But when her usual nightmares and blackouts have been quite disturbing for her family, her step mother, Dee, has sent her to a new doctor. Upon seeing a "tattoo" Hannah has all her life, her doctor immediately sent her to another doctor. This doctor, has recommended to bring her to the "House of Lorelei" where she believes teens like Hannah belongs.

Entering Lorelei, Hannah, now Anastasia is expecting a weird and scary school. What she found is the coolest school ever and found instant bestfriends with Phoebe, Willow and Carmen (her roommates). What's more, is that the House of Lorelei seems not for weird teens who are experiencing nightmares and blackouts, but for children who are really special with special abilities. The son and daughters of sea gods/goddesses.

Little by little, Anastasia learns her abilities, but still feel different from others, since her abilities, and her trace (her tattoo) are something no one have ever heard or seen before. Then, what's more surprising, is to personally meet the mystery guy who she has been seeing for many years in her dreams and blackouts. 

Would she fall for Finn, the mystery guy even she knows a part of him is dangerous or would she trust  him? But thre bigger question is, is she ready to have all the answers regarding who she is and accepts that she might be part of a legendary prophecy?

My Review

At first, I'm having second thoughts in continuing reading the book. There's this Harry Potter thingy in the first part. What I mean is the child-left-in-a-door-grew-up-with-abilities thing. But as I go on, it started getting interesting and the HP thingy all forgotten. When Hannah came to the House of Lorelei and she became Anastasia, that's where the story goes exponentially interesting! I love how the story line's uniqueness. There's not the issue of "being the new girl" and some bitches ruining her life because she's interested to the leading man and anything. Not so much complicatins. I love Stasia's roommates. They are so cool and fun! 

I think there are still a lot of details left unsaid, the book openned a lot of mysteries and very few of them are only revealed. I know this is for the second installment, I understand that and waiting for it. But I feel like this book lacks something. What I'm trying to say is that "Forsaken" is really a very good book, with the story and all... but the story's climax disappointed me a little. The book builds up as every page is turned and I'm feeling the excitement, but when it comes near the end, it somehow became flat. Don't get me wrong, I still love it no matter what. 

Also, the "bad guys" were not introduced that much so I did not have the connection there. Except for couple of paragraphs regarding them, I didn't feel them that much. It's just like they suddenly popped out in the end to be the bad guys. But other than that, I love most of the characters. Of course Finn topped my list. He's a living mystery and sssoooo swoon-worthy!!!

Would anyone agree with me that they are thinking the book cover when it came to the healing cave part? :D

So...after reading Forsaken.... Where is the second book????????!!! I really need to have it! Please please please! I have lots of questions and its killing me...and I need to know about Finn! oh my..FINN!!! The ending is not so much of a cliff hanger, but still... the excitement of reading the next one is killing me. I'm feeling it, the second book is going to be more exciting than the first one. All those mysteries unrevealed are not made for nothing!

I would like to thank "Lovers of Paranormal" group for a copy to review. 


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