The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Saturday, August 11, 2012

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The moment he woke up, one thing is for sure... he can't remember anything except that his name is Thomas. He was introduced to a place called the glaze, and outside the glaze is the famous, mysterious and dangerous maze. Thomas found out that he's not the only one. Every month for two years, a new boy is brought down in the glaze, no memories except his name. It is the boys' beliefs that they were brought here for a reason... to solve the maze and get out. Then unexpected things happened. Few days after Thomas was sent, another person was sent in the box. It is very unlikely since next person should be sent next month... it's always one boy per month, but now it's different. After Tommy, a girl was sent. And to prove that everything is different, a girl brought a message... "everything is going to change"

My Review

The whole story revolved around how Thomas tried living inside the glaze. Meeting everyone and trying his best to solve the maze. The thing that sticked on my mind whilereading this is how Thomas does not easily accept information given to him. Everyone in the glaze thinks black and white. They believe things because that's what they are used to thinking. They belive that no one survives outside the maze at night, but Thomas did not readily accept that info, and I admire him for that. When everyone else is giving up, there's Thomas thinking in a different way. I don't know if it's because he's just new and he's not used to things in the glaze or maybe he's different. I'm going for that he's different! :D

This book was in my iBook shelf for a a month now, not bothering to read it thinking it's quite boring. I could not imagine how a story would go from a setting inside the maze. And boy, I was so wrong. The nearest book I could compare this to is the Hunger Games, but still different. It has a very unique story and so full of mystery. The whole book is a mystery itself! From the moment Thomas woke up until the end, I am consumed with thousands of mysteries. But still, I love it. It's the kind of story that makes you think, yet does not make you skip to the end just to know it.


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