Vindication by Elyse Draper

Monday, August 27, 2012

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There have been killings in town, near Chris' cabin. This happened just few days after the marriage of Ellie and Christopher. Michael, being an investigative lawyer, and with the  now knowledge of the others, can't help himself conclude that there's a connection between the killings and his new found knowledge of the others.

Determine to learn the truth, and give justice for the victims, Michael do not realize that revealing the killer would also lead them to a more surprising revelation concerning his new family.

My Review

I honestly do not know how to begin... let me think first... 

But Before that, I would like to thanks We <3 YA group from Goodreads and the author, My. Elyse Draper for giving me the opportunity to read and review this series. With that, I committed myself in giving an honest review.

After 5 minutes...

This book did not disappoint me in giving me the answers I'm looking for from the first two books. That I could say happily :)
The connections I repeatedly shouted, the missing links and explanations for some scenes I could not understand have been given. Thank you Ms. Draper. The first part and the last part were very enlightening. I don't want to talk about the middle part because it honestly bored me to death. This book is like a doughnut. A lot of going on in the beginning and in the end but the middle is just air. 

It bothers me that the story was written in the POV of too many characters. Michael's, Ann's, Ellie's, Christopher's, Echidna's did I forget anyone else who had their own POV. It bothers me because sometimes, I fee like at some parts, it's not the right POV that I should be reading. Like at a certain part, I am reading on Ann's POV, deep inside I'm shouting "why am I not reading Michael's??? This is Michael's scene!"

The last few pages of this book is its saving grace. Finally! yes Finally! I have my answers!!! Thank you!!! I was already losing hope and almost at the point of giving up when it came! the answers!!! yey!!! It totally cleared a lot of things from book 1 until the end. 

I love the idea of the whole series. But in my opinion as a reader, the story's ideas are scattered and not too focused. The characters are great and really strong, but they are not portrayed really well. Christopher's and Ellie's love, which I expected to be the center of the story, became just a tiny spot in a big story. I get the point, that they are just part of something really big, that their story was just a simple explanation of the connection. But it saddened me that I did not much experienced their love story.   


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