Freewill by Elyse Draper

Saturday, August 25, 2012

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Even before Elizabeth or Ellie was an infant, it was seen that she would be someone great in the mythical world. Her Uncle Edward, understanding the burden of knowing the magical world,  he wished for Ellie not to know the truth, until she meets her soul mate.

Growing up, Ellie became a responsible teen, a loving daughter and a caring older sister to a twin. Little did the people around her knows the ability she hides. She could feel everyone's motions, and could her their thoughts when she touch them. 

Though lives in London with her family, she loves to visit her Uncle Edward's farm. There he found love with her childhood friend Charlie. Then came Hitler and World War 1. Ellie died, but only physically.

For 70 years, Ellie wanders the world an an ethereal, helping people through her abilities. She helps grieving people lessen their suffering by taking away those they could give up and feel it for herself. Then she meet Christopher Ross. Like Ellie, he has the ability, but his ability is to detect and hear the truth beyond the lies. Being an ethereal, Ellie saw Christopher and with unknown reason, she felt a pull towards him. With Chris, she found out there are others like her, and one is after Chris and his abilities. 

My Review

You might observe how unorganized my summary is. Yes, I admit that it is and I'm sorry. But this is also exactly what I'm thinking while reading the book. The story is a little bit scattered in my opinion. First, the title: "Freewill" I feel that the title is kind of forced. Forced in a way that I feel like that the author is trying to justify why she titled this book freewill throughout the story. In the end, I finally agree with the title, but without the help of redundant explanation of freewill in other parts of the book. Second is the story line; the book started with Edward, then Ellie's life, Charlie so on and so on. I was past half the story and I'm still frustrated on what's the story is really all about. There was the mythical creatures, faeries, banshees and all at the beginning, after that it jumped with Ellie's ability and then her lovelife with Charlie and after dying, Christopher. When it came to Christopher's part, that's where I think the story really got started, but can anyone tell me please what's really going on??? Good thing there are some bits of pieces from other characters that gives me some idea what  this story is all about and some connections from what seems like totally different stories from the start. I just hope that the next book would clear a lot of things up.

Ellie and Christopher's love story is heart-wrenching. To love someone you could not physically see and hold except in your dreams made me cry for both of them. As I've said, the interesting part started when Chris was introduced, and it gets better and better page by page. I almost forgot my frustration I've written above...almost. Also, other than the story, the writing got better as well. At first, it feels so awkward reading the words, with the phrases like "condensation dripping from the roof," "the scent of ozone," and "rambunctious" I can't help but have a second look at the words..what was that again??? But when we reached the interesting part as I was saying, the words flowed naturally. I'm not against Ms. Draper's way of words in the beginning, maybe I'm just more comfortable with the latter :)

I totally fell inlove with Chris and Ellie's love story that I don't care about anything else. Now that I have written most of my frustrations about the book, I'm letting them go and just swoon over and day dream about their love. And no way will I forget Lune!!! I want someone exactly like him!!! Really!!! I tried talking to my dog if he would respond to me like Lune did to Chris and Ellie, and all I got was a blank stare then he continued sleeping... *sigh This book won't be that much interesting without this adorable guy. I could not even consider he's a dog, he does not act like one!


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