Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Saturday, August 11, 2012

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Insurgent started right off where Divergent ended- at the train. On their way to Amity; Tris, Tobias and the others are looking for hope to go on. But Tris is finding it hard to go on, with her parents both dead and the guilt for killing Will eating her up. Still, she has no choice. Erudite is still planning to kill divergents and all those that hinder their way. Now, Tris and Tobias needs to fight and find out the real reason behind Erudite's attack, along with the others who are willing to fight with them. But before that, Tris needs to heal and recover from everything that has happened if she wants to survive this. The only problem is... Tris does not want to survive anymore.

My Review

I love Divergent, and that makes me love Insurgent as well without even reading the book. But I can't help saying that though there's a good story in Insurgent, I didn't feel the excitement from reading Divergent while reading the latter. The characters are still there, everything is almost the same...except for Tris. Though Tris is still dauntless... it's for a very different reason from book 1.. if I may say, exactly the opposite. In book 1, it's all about life, belongingness and survival. Here, all Tris could thnik about is how to end her life with dignity. Aaarggh! Yes, Tris is admirable to be willing to sacrifice herself in their tasks at hand, but it's like she's not thinking. All her possible solutions and first options are to endanger her life. Poor Tobias. The only person he cares and loves can't think of anything else but to die. :( I could feel Tobias' frustration towards Tris' attitude, but since he is the all-ever loyal, gentleman, and perfect Four... of course he never left Tris. He even followed her to die... oh Tobias... just come my way, you're always welcome :D

I came to adore other characters as well, esp. Lynn, Uriah and Zeke. They have strong characters. They're not majorly involve in major events except for the attacks, still, it's like they are making another story to remove the boredom and my frustration on Tris' attitude.

What I love about this book, is the exposure of all factions. We had a glimpse of each faction as the story goes. I finally had my own experience why AMity is amity, Erudite is Erudite and so on. Then at the end, the twists and revelations are so overwhelming!!! Also, the development of the story is really nice. All secrets were revealed at the right time. And even if Tris had realized that she really does not want to die a little bit too late in the story, it's still a good timing. I can't believe it ended where it ended, still... I agree that it's the perfect ending.


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