Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

Friday, August 24, 2012

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Lena successfully escaped the regulators, but alone. Alex was left behind. The last time Lena saw Alex, he was covered with blood and instructed her to run. So she ran. She ran for her life.

Lena woke up few days after and met Raven, the girl who saved her in the wilds. She was brought in a community of invalids and met group of teens such as Tack, Hunter, Sarah and many more. In here, Lena learned how to live and survive as an invalid. In this community, everyone has a role, and day by day, Lena learned the hard way of being part of the community. 

Soon after, Lena bacame like Alex, an invalid teen pretending in the inside world to spy. She was assigned to observe the DFA (Deliria-Free America) specifically the son of the leader, Julian Fineman.

My Review

If Delirium had given me heart attacks, Pandemonium buried me to the ground alive! Delirium was so intense that I didn't expected the second book to be so much more! I literally stopped breathing in most parts. I couldn't read faster just to keep myself from shouting.

I like the style of writing in this book. The "then" and "now" idea is so unique and cool. I believe there's no better way this book could be written. And when "then" and "now" meet, I am barely breathing. If I could keep myself from blinking, I will... just to know what's next faster. 

Lena has become stronger. She learned how to survive and to go on even deep inside she's dying. A part of her wants to die, to return to the night she and Alex escaped. She wants to come back to Alex and die with him. Still, she tried her hard to survive and to belong to her new family with Raven, because she knows, this is what Alex would want for both of them. A lot of things are happening, Lena was so busy with everything the moment she woke up that there are no more time to grieve for Alex but in her nightmares. I didn't felt Lena's sadness too much because of this. There are lots of things in her hands that Alex's death was put in the side.

Then, there's the introduction of Raven. At first I thought she's old and will become like a mother to Lena. When I found out she's just 21, I was expecting a second Hana in Raven, But I was wrong, Raven is a leader, and a tough one. I didn't like Raven Lena understands her because of what she've been through, but Raven has become someone she tried to escaped to before. When Raven tried pressuring Lena to become something like her, I admired Lena for sticking on what she believes, and that is to fight for what she feels. 


Julian is the Lena before. Someone who lost a family because of the rules. Someone who's afraid of the rules that he can't wait to have the procedure. Then,Lena came to her life and everything changed. What happened to Julian and Lena is almost the same thing that happened to Lena and Alex. The only difference is their situation. Lena and Julian met in a situation where their lives are both in danger after being kidnapped by the scavengers.

Because of Lena, Julian realized that he doesn't want to be cured, that he wants to feel... to feel with Lena. So after some breath-stopping rescue, Lena and Julian ae together. Lena is ready to move on and have a new life with Julian in the wilds, where no one would forbid them for being inlove.

There's also the issue of finally meeting Lena's mother. or not!


Then just seconds after seeing the future together... he comes back.... Alex comes back!!! OMG!!! 

Then in ends...

Whhhhaaaattttt???!!! Ms. Oliver, do you hate us that much??? we love you so much because of your books and this? you did this to us??? Why??????

I'm sorry, just got carried away. But... wwwhhhyyy?? :(  Now I have to sit and wait until 2013??? :((

I jut can't help thinking what happened to Alex??? How come Lena never thought of confirming Alex's death???  And what does Alex's mean of "don't believe her"
Is Alex mad at Lena? Does he still love Lena still? What will Lena do now? Please choose Alex!!! Requiem!!! 2013 please come soon!!! 0_o


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