One Day by David Nicholls

Sunday, August 12, 2012

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One Day narrates a friends' story of one day every year for 20 years- July 15. Started July 15, 1988, a day after their graduation, Emma and Dexter's friendship started from a supposed to be a one-night stand. Years went by that they have a complicated friendship, bordering from being friends to lovers... 

As they continue their lives as an individual, they always make it a point to keep in touch. Dexter, always the confident one with high aspirations find himself in the world of TV as a presenter. While Emma on the other hand, struggles to find a job where she would be satisfied. Still, their friendship continues and as their lives. 

Then came a point that we could say that their luck were reversed. Dexter lost everything, while Emma starts to succeed. Still, they try their best to maintain the friendship. Sadly, life has other plans for them.

But Emma and Dexter proved that their relationship is as strong as a rock and once again reunited until they realize that time did not just made their friendship stronger, but it made them realize to whom they really belong to.

My Review

This book totally remind of Rosie Dunne by Cecilia Ahern, a story of friendship that goes for years. But I'm really sorry to say that I prefer Rosie Dunne than One Day. But the book is really entertaining, though I sometimes get bored in some parts, I love Emma and Dex's friendship. It's weird how their loves goes, exactly opposite and never had the perfect timing. When Dex' life is on top, Emma is in a state of denial that she's unhappy. And when things are going good for Emma, Dex is groping. However, I like Emma's character more. Though she lacks confidence and seems like satisfied on anything that goes her way, she never did anything to make her life miserable except for one part, compared to Dex who spent his youth as well as his money with alcohol and women. It's always Emma who keeps and saves their friendship, even if at times, Dex is such an a**hole!

Emma is the smart one, and everyone knows she'll go far, but she lacks the confidence to do it. I sometimes find myself annoyed with how Emma reacts to praises. She constantly belittle herself...saying she's ugly blah blah blah...and other times she claims she thinks highly of herself... I don't know if it's just humility or what...  On the other hand, what Dex only have is his looks and confidence, and he's so lucky. Emma made it year by year, succeeding in the end, and Dex? he was overconfident, that in the end, it all backfired. I think his confidence was just misplaced believing he's a good host..hahaha..Lucky man he has Emma.

Reading a whole life on a book makes me feel good. It's like experiencing it with them, the ups and down. Especially Emma and Dex. But what I love most about this book is he unique writing style. It was written on a third-person overview and each chapter only contains one day per year. Still, it did not feel fast-paced. It's exciting reading it because get excited what would happen next year...hahaha..

I can't say I love how the story ended, well I guess it's Nicholls' way of saying "that's life".. but still.. *sigh
But the other ending... explains a lot about the complicated relationship... sweet!
And what the hell happened to the package from Dex meant for Emma??? How come the girl (forgot the name) never tried looking for Emma??!! it could have made Dex and Emma's life a lot easier!

 I couldn't wait to see the adaptation of this story :)


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