The Fault in our Stars by John Green

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

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The Fault in our Stars tells the story of lives of young people with cancer. Specifically, Hazel Grace's. Living a life everyone is expecting for a cancer patients to live their lives, Hazel Grace's meet Augustus. Augustus' showed her how to live a normal life and taught her how to fall in love. But of course, at first Hazel was afraid. Not because of the fear of falling in love, but of the fear of leaving behind Augustus. But Gus convinced her she's not worth all the pain he'll feel. But of course, life will throw things to them that they don't expect.

My Review

I find the beginning of the story flat. I was wondering why would anyone review a book inside a book??? I find it weird!!! But as I continue reading and gets absorbed in the story, I got used in its flow. The writing is natural, light and calm. It has a subtle way of expressing the feelings that while reading, I'm just suddenly surprise I'm so deep in thought on what Hazel or Gus is saying. Then, I'll just find myself controlling my tears to pour. This is a very unique book- the writing and story. Obviously, this book was very-well researched, if not on a true to life story. And the touch of humor of this book??? ten!

The way Hazel and Augustus think is so deep, it makes me see life on a new perspective. Every words both of them says makes me think. They're compatibility is also good since they think the same. I apologize for my inability to write an organized review, this book just made my mind blank. I don't know why, but it did. Maybe because I just couldn't find a fault on how it is written, First, because I could not relate but after reading the book, it feels like I do. Second, this book just injected some new and very good ideas and thoughts to me that I am still digesting. And third, I've never read anything liek this before, I could not fine any book to compare.

I'm so undecided to tell you if I love the stroy or not. It suprised me, made me laugh, made me think and it broke my heart. But writing wise, this book is well-written and really proved a point. 


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