Beyond the Veil by Quinn Loftis

Saturday, October 27, 2012

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Though the Romanian pack has won the battle against the Serbian pack, war is far from over. Desdemona had escaped and is planning darker things to put the Romanian pack down.

Sally is coming to terms being mated with Costin. Now the Beta of the Serbian pack and she as the healer of the said pack. But being a healer, unbonded means wolf magnet, making Costin agitated. Seems like Sally and Costin needs to the rites sooner rather than later.

Decebel is now the Alpha of the Serbian pack, of course bringing his feisty mate Jen with him. Upon escaping her death through the help of Peri the fairy, Fates have now come to take the payment.

Knowing the devil plans of Desdemona, Romanian pack are getting ready. But with their numbers dwindling, the wolves needs not just other wolves to win the battle against evil.

My Review

The gals are back! and they are so back!!! Honestly speaking, I didn't expect to enjoy this story much. I know this is Sally's turn to share her love story and I'm not a big fan of her. Not that I don't like her, I like her being Jacque's friend, just that. The real reason I planned on reading this is because of my hope that I could read more about Jacque and Fane. I know, but I totally love those couple and I really miss them. So I'm sort of sad and frustrated to hear much about the two. This story mostly focused of course with Sally and Costin and Jen and Decebel. So little about Fane and Jacque. :( But other than that, this book went beyond my expectation. There are lots of surprises, and I'm not just talking about other species that keeps popping in the story. 

The Tres Marias are still on it. The sarcasm and fun didn't left their tongues. And Perizada being an additional member of the group got me rolling with laughter! However, there are times that I wonder if the sarcasm, especially Jen's exists at the right time and place. Most of the time I love it, it keeps the story light and more enjoyable, but sometimes, it sort of destroys the moment.

The characters are still great, though there are lots of characters, all are given a fair share of exposure. They are not just characters in the sideline, but they each have their own individual stories that stands up. And will lots of characters and different but related stories, it's amazing that Quinn Loftis have put all of these together perfectly without making it feel jumbled and messy. 

The story levelled up. It's not just about the love story of a mated couple, how they meet, get through it and finally bond. This time, there's a bigger picture that involves a lot of supernatural for the battle between good and evil.  The relationship of the three major couple in the series are seen to grew and develop into mature one. Even if the languages for the girls are still sort of childish, you would feel the maturity of their relationship with their beloved wolves.

With lots of characters being mated, I'm being drowned with jealousy and envy for these girls having those sweet and possessive men. Fane, Decebel and Costin are just the start. Oh my!!! I need a wolf mate for myself!!! I thought this was the last book since the tree girls have finally have their beloved mate wolves, but good thing is not! I'm still not through with these possessive wolves!


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