Dante's Girl by Courtney Cole

Thursday, October 25, 2012

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On her way to London, for her annual visit to her father Reece finds herself stuck in the airport after a suspected terrorism that caused one plane to explode. Then came Dante, who seems a VIP being in the first class and with the security surrounding him. Reece finds herself immediately attracted to Dante's amazing eyes. Only to find out he's the son and heir of a Prime Minister. To save Reece being locked up with hundreds of passengers, Dante invited her to come with him. Who would refuse such offer? A day after, Reece finds herself in an almost palace at Canberra. Dante's home.

Here, Reece grew to know Dante more. Not just he's the Prime Miniter's son, but in his place, Dante is almost considered as a prince. But with all the fame and wealth, Dante remained humble and nice. But no matter how nice and lovable Dante be, they can't be together. Dante is the prince and she's only just a farm girl from Kansas. Two different people from two opposites world meet. Could it be fate?

My Review

I can't describe this better but a cute story. I don't know why, but all through out the time I'm reading it, I just can't help but think how cute the story is. It's sort of a Cinderella story without the glass shoes. Reece is a typical farm girl, not poor but compared to our Prince Dante, well... she's poor. With an olive plantation and everything, Dante is realy quite a prince in Caberra. Speaking of Caberra... The way city is being described, I can't help but be amazed with the place. Is it real? I tried googling Caberra, but I always end up finding Canberra, which is in Australia and that's not what this book says. :( 

I like Reece's personality in a way that her character was not swallowed by very powerful characters surrounding her. Well, there's Dante the prince, Elena the future princess, Mia, Nate and that other nice friend of Dante all have very powerful characters, but Reece was not intimidated that much. Dante on the other hand is a weak person behind a strong name. He's afraid of everything. But I won't blame him. Who wouldn't? If all your actions and decisions are being watched and being judged. The worst part is, it's not just his reputation on the line, but his father's as well. I find the meeting of this two too convenient. In an airport, then a suspected terrorism then Reece was suddenly invited to Caberra... sooo convenient right? It's not a normal behavior for a girl to go with a person he just met in a foreign country. Good thing Reece had a moment of hesitation at first to go with him...but that just it, a little hesitation which is not enough.

Though the story seems to be a fantasy story of a prince falling in love to a typical country girl, it depicts a reality. That is, every couple has their differences. It does not matter if they are exactly opposite of each other, at some point they would see some things they are different from their partner. In some case, these differences could tear them apart, but if they won't let it get through them, it would make their relationship grow stronger. Deep huh? Well... maybe I just got an epiphany while reading the book. At first glance, you could say this book is just a plain cliche YA story. But when we look deeper... voila! A lesson. Isn't it true on all books? In every books/stories, there's a lesson we could learn. It depends on the reader what lesson he/she will get from it. In my part, for Dante's girl, this is the lesson. 


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