Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler

Saturday, October 13, 2012

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This is a letter of Minerva "Min" Green to her ex-boyfriend Ed Slaterton. Included in it are the things that Minerva have kept that reminds her of everything they had. In her letter, Min talks about how they met, how they fell inlove with ech other even they are very different from each other, how they relationship had become and how in everything, there are lots of reasons why they broke up.

My Review

I honestly believe that Charlie of "The Perks of being a Wallflower" and Min would get along well. Both are very smart in their own way that they are tagged as different. Same as the other book I mentioned, this book is very intelligent, of course because of Min! 

For the whole story, Min described how their relationship went and how in every memorable part of it, Min found a reason why they broke up, but she took a blind eye, only realizing in the end these are reasons why they really broke up. I believe in every relationship, some of these reasons have been experienced by a couple. But with all the love, negativities are not that important. As long as you love the one you're with... who cares if he doesn't like the things you like or you are in different world, or that each of your friends don't like your partner. As long as you're together, nothing else matters. And Min told it straight to the point. And the sketches??? I love them all! so cute!

The story is quite intriguing. Page by page, I'm realizing how these two are so good together even if they are so different, that makes me wonder what happened to separate them. I wonder why Min put it in the box:

"You either have the feeling or you don't"

And as the letter closes, it is exactly what bothers me. Does Ed really had the feeling or he doesn't?"

It is a story that relates to me, and I strongly believe anyone in a relationship could relate with. The story is that smart to make any reader relate with it. I didn't have to experienced everything Min and Ed had,just to fall inlove and had experienced breaking up with someone and break your heart is enough.


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