What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen

Sunday, October 28, 2012

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Mclean Elizabeth Sweet had moved 4x for two years after her parents divorced. Together with her father, Mclean moved from one town to another as his father's job required. In every move, Mclean has the chance for  fresh start and new identity. She became a cheerleader, a student body and everything she wanted. So now in these new town, she's going to be Liz. Liz Sweet. However, circumstanced wanted her to be Mclean, the real her.

McLean is used in moving, she already got the pattern. With just mere observations, she could tell how long they would stay, what things she needs to buy for their "temporary" house and if she can have attachments such as friends. Her life depended on it. Until her father was assigned to Lunar Blue. Here, she can't help making friends and getting attached. And worse is, the town keeps bringing hr back to the sport that destroyed her family. But when it's again time to leave, will McLean be able to leave everything behind once again and start anew?

My Review

One thing obvious about this book is that it has so many flashbacks. A lot of events, McLean finds something to remind her of the past. I'm not complaining, actually, I find it nice to read more about McLean's past and know what really happened before. Though a lot of these reminiscing, it did not end up confusing. The memories of McLean's are presented in such a good way that it still end up easy to read.

I like the idea of McLean having a different identity in every town they moved in. It seems so cool and adventurous. I even fantasized myself doing the same if I have the chance. :) But as I continue reading, I grow to understand McLean's dilemma. Her different identities is because she wants to escape the past and her fear of attachments. I see her relationship with Dave quite sad. Maybe because it's not love at firs sight and a dream-like love story. First, Dave is initially in love with Riley which is a great person including the fact that she's the best friend. If I have my way, I would prefer them ending up together then that Michael mentioned a couple of times would come and be with McLean. Of course that's my story, not the author's :D I didn't get attached too much with these two since they were not a typical couple. All throughout, they're always at the status of "almost there" and when they are about to go to a higher level, issues happen. I wasn't able to enjoy their relationship that much.

I hate McLean's mother as much as she hates her. I sympathize on what she's feeling. She started everything. She had another man which his husband and daughter literally idolized, had a divorce, then expects McLean to be just okay with it and act just like before. And when McLean's tries to decide for her own, she brings everything to court. I find her mother so selfish in this way. Even if she's trying her best to work everything out with McLean, she just can't understand what McLean needs at the moment. Though there's the part that I get the mother, like her concern for McLean being alone and everything. But still, she's the one who left. She's the one who broke their family apart. And even if McLean has come to terms with her, I am not. Wall I'm not the daughter so I guess it's ok.. haha

Easy to read and enjoyable. It has heavy emotions, but in the end, would make you feel good. The story floes naturally, and the happenings in the story are something you would agree that happens in real life not something that was inserted for the sake if the story. It shows reality, a bad one but it showed there's something good we still could get from it.


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