Daughters of the Sea 2 ~ Awaken by Kristen Day

Monday, October 15, 2012

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Stasia's 18th birthday is nearing, but before that, she needs to travel to the underworld to plant her seed of immortality. But a lot of things to taken of first before her journey. There's the problem of her not knowing when her real birthday is, a new transfer student that give her the creeps and the feeling that her boyfriend Finn is keeping something from her.

And as the journey nears, Finn's journey to be the new Prime of his order comes near as well. Both couple needs to journey on their own and fight their own battle to achieve their destiny. But do fate tells them to be together? How will Stasia fulfill her prohecy when it means she can't be with Finn. And how will Finn triumph on a fight that will make him lose Stasia.

My Review

The story is amazingly good that it should be included in The Mythology! Really! The story is well thought of that it seems like I'm reading the actual mythology, more exciting if I may say :)

Honestly, I didn't expected the book to be so much good. The first book is good, I actually rated it  4 stars, but the second book being sssoooooo good is beyond my expectations! Right from the very first word, I couldn't put it down. I find myself laughing on some scenes, surprisingly scared in some parts (I wasn't expecting a horror part here..haha) and breathless anticipating every word and action that would happen. 

Stasia's character has definitely grew up. She bacame the courageous character that has become worthy of being a leader. Her actions and words proves that she is ready to be the goddess and the siren leader. Her relationship with Finn is more adorable as ever. I love their conversations and banters. I find myself laughing and uncontrollably smiling everytime they are together. Finn and Stasia'a relationship is what I think real relationships look like in real life... well except being the Goddess and Son of Charon part of course!

I realized how I miss Stasia's friends when I read of them in this book. Even with everything that Stasia's going through, the story did not end up heavy because of them. Sense of Humor during a tragic event really made this story feel good!

Though I love the book, there's still something I wished it had. Again, I haven't seen the real potential of Stasia's power. She didn't even have the chance to use it fighting with her enemies and when she needed it the most. Instead, I only see her power during her reveries. But her other godly powers are absent again. Well, except for that part that she used to do waves for her friends surfing. Other than that, I was quite disappointed that the power that the author built up as unique, powerful and incredible is MIA. I'm hoping this would be put in good use in the next book, and I'm praying that Nadia would receive the full wrath of it!!!

Speaking of Nadia, I don't want to put some spoiler here, except that this is a total cliff-hanger! Really, when I was celebrating that Stasia has the final laugh and everything... that happens...Really? and February 2013 for the next book??? Really???! Please Ms. Day, tell me you're planning to release it sooner...


kris10day said...

Thank you so much for your review! I am blown away that you liked it better than Forsaken! That is a HUGE compliment! You'll be happy to hear that I am definitely hoping to release Chosen sooner than February - oddly enough I want to finish it as much as everyone else wants me to! It's been an exciting ride:) I also wanted to let you know the extent of Stasia's power will be divulged to her as well as everyone else in Chosen - stay tuned!

Miss Bookgineer said...

Chosen before February 2013?? yes!! that totally made my day Ms Kristen :D Thank you for the good news! I'll definitely wait for the third book (already counting the days! haha) I hope I would have the chance again to have it for R2R :)

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