Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Saturday, October 20, 2012

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Nora Grey is a typical high school student. She lives in a farm house with her mother, while her father died after being accidentally shot. Together with her bestfriend Vee, Nora is satisfied living a normal life. t in a way Nora can't explain, she is definitely attracted to him. EvenThat is until she came across Patch. Everything in Patch shouts danger, bu if he annoys the hell out of her, Nora can't keep getting curious in the mystery behind Patch. How he knew so much about her, how it seems like he knows what she's thinking and if she's not really crazy, she thinks she hears Patch talk in her mind.

And when the mysteries around Patch are finally revealed to her, Nora needs to decide what to think of him. Would he be the danger Nora knows is always lurking around her or would she trust him to protect her from those danger?

My Review

I've originally read this book back in college, I guess around 2010 when a friend of mine introduced  it to me. I was not into paranormal back then, but after reading this book, I realized paranormal are not that bad :) Since Finale (Book 4) will be released this October 23, 2012, I wanted to prepare for it by reading first three books again. It's been so long since I've read them so here I am, getting acquainted with Patch and Nora once again.

So what makes Hush Hush best selling? I could give you a lot of reasons. Let me emphasize those I  most love. First is the cover. No further explanations needed! Second is the mysteries all around it. Who Elliot really is, who Jules is? Who's the mysterious guy in the ski mask? Who Patch is? With all those mysteries, could you blame the book for being a page turner? And last is Patch. Yep. Him! Who can't resist a mysterious guy, bad-boy-but-sweet attitude, and someone who you will know will protect you? Yup! Patch makes this book a best-seller no doubt!

Hush Hush is a brilliant start for what I believe is an amazing series. The story is great, the fallen angel adaptation hits the mark with an added suspense. The suspense is what how suspense should really be. Enough amount of horror, breath stopping scenes, confusions then a big twist in the end. However, I didn't find Patch and Nora's love story that great. At first, there's too much doubt in Nora. She's totally annoyed with her, she has this fear that Patch is hiding something then all of a sudden, Nora will do everything for him. The love story was not developed that well, but Nora and Patch characters make up for that.

Nora is not the typical heroine playing the part of damsel in distress. She's innocent but knows how to put up a good fight. She doesn't just sit at home and wait for everything to be laid in her hands. She has enough courage to face danger and fight, even if she knows how it might end up. Patch on the other hand is not the over protective type of hero. He does not lock Nora in a room and tell her to be safe. Instead, he lets Nora fight with her. He shows Nora a life outside her box, but assures her how safe she is with him. At the last part, Patch had shown a different side of him that I'll be looking forward in the next book. :)


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