Always been Mine (Moreno Brothers #2) by Elizabeth Reyes

Thursday, October 11, 2012

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Valerie and Alex's relationship has never been exclusive even from the start. But when they were almost there, Valerie caught Alex with another woman in his apartment. Determined that this would be the last time he would hurt her, she ended their relationship promising to never see him again and went with her life in college.

But when Sarah and Angel's wedding comes near, Valerie has no choice but to see Alex again. Well, she's the maid of honor, and it would be impossible for Alex not to be there since he's the brother of the groom.

For quite some time, they both believe they have already moved on. But when they saw each other once again, they realized how wrong they were. With just one kiss, Valerie almost accepted him back. 

Alex is determined to get Valerie back, but with a new boyfriend on the way, it is more difficult than he's expected. Worst is, it's not only the boyfriend he's worried about, but a stalker as well who seems to be really dangerous.

My Review

I didn't enjoy this as much as I enjoyed "Forever Mine." Maybe because I prefer Angel and that this book has too much drama and action in it. The break up, new boyfriend and stalker are too much for me. Valerie and Alex also are so serious that I got bored in the middle part. Since Valerie is mo much fun in the first book, I was expecting a nice story ahead. But instead, I saw a mature Valerie who seems to lost the witty girl I've read in book 1. Alex changed as well. With all the responsibilities and frustrations he felt after the accident and separation with Valerie, he lost his humor. 

The story could be nice if the reader loves this type of genre. However, I don't, So I apologize for that. As I mentioned, it has too much drama. Even Alex's protectiveness is way beyond too much. Considering the circumstances, I should have understand the way he acts, but it doesn't seem natural.

Putting aside my dislike, I quite enjoyed the last part. I don't usually read suspense/thriller stories, so this is quite new to me. I was like watching a TV drama. And here in the Philippines, TV drama is heavy drama slash suspense slash much of everything! so yes... this story definitely looks like that.


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