Forever Mine (Moreno Brothers 1) by Elizabeth Reyes

Monday, October 8, 2012

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On her senior year, Sarah was forced to move to California with her Aunt when her mother was put in jail. With no choice, she bitterly followed her mother's wish to stay with family, leaving her bestfriend Sydney behind. Entering a new school, she came across Angel, one of the famous Moreno Brothers. Sarah had a long time crush on him ever since her cousin Valerie told her about the Moreno brothers. On the other hand, Angel had an instant attraction to Sarah the moment he saw her. 

The two clicked instantly and in just a short time, Angel had his first girlfriend among all the other girls he was hooked up with. Angel is overprotective and jealous type. He believes that it is impossible for a girl and a boy to be just friends. The problem is, Sarah's bestfriend Sydney is a boy.

My Review

Why can't I get enough of leading men who are overprotective, jealous, had the bad boy image but is really sweet??? I don't know!!! I just love them... I believe I won't get tired of them. Especially if it's someone like Angel Moreno. That cover picture says it all.. Angel is so handsome there!!!

It's just so feels good for a girl to know that a man, known to never settle for one and never had a girlfriend would change just for her. Exactly what Angel made Sarah felt. Other than that, his protectiveness, respect and attention made my knees weak. I just love how Angel treated Sarah. Though his jealousy is way beyond over the top, he made it look like so damn sweet. I was frustrated with Sarah for not telling about Sydney. In my opinion, if there's really nothing going on between Sydney and her, she doesn't need to be afraid. Even if Angel believes that way, telling him when she had the chance at the start would save them all from all the dramas. However, there would be no story if that happened so Sarah you're forgiven :p

Though I think that way, I love the drama when they were separated. Since this is on an alternating POV of Sarah and Angel, I have the luck of getting to know what's happening in both of them, not making me left behind in the story. Their separation was not that heart-wrenching since I know that both of them are still crazy for each other. I was honestly enjoying both of them apart since I get to know more about their feelings for each other. It was really funny to think how Angel's mind works... he's totally losing it just because of the dress..hahaha

This story is better than I expected. I was expecting some cheesy romance novel here. Hey! Could you blame me? It has "The Moreno Brothers" title. The plot is intriguing and when I get the hang of it, I can't stop reading to know what would happen with this two couple. This book definitely got me anxious on what happens next that I can't put it down.


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