Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick

Saturday, October 27, 2012

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Waking up from a cemetery, Nora could not remember anything.According to everyone, she was abducted for weeks am according to her memory, she's missing the last five months of her memories. A lot has changed after she came back, Darcie says they are no friends, a new car and her mother dating Hank Millar. 

There's a part of her that feels a hole in her life. A big part that something is missing but she can't tell what. Sometimes, it's like she just needs to reach and have them, but it feels like the someone is pulling them back away from her. 

Black. Just a color but to Nora, is very alive. Every time she feels that hole, color black consumes her as if telling some secrets she needs to know. Then she meets a mysterious stranger. Deep inside her, she knows he's familiar. That they've met before, and she finds herself falling in love. Nora would do anything to clear everything up, and the first step to do that is to bring her memories back no matter what.

My Review

It feels like a brand new series.At first I thought I grabbed the wrong book. How come Nora has amnesia? and what the hell happened? But of course, it's just part of Becca Fitzpatrick's magic. It just made the series more interesting. Who would have guessed Silence will start with a bang! I was expecting for Silence to start where Crescendo left off, and that's at the Delphic Amusement Part and watch a grand fight. But no! I have to first suffer anxiety and my curiosity almost killed me thinking what really happened? But when I finally found out what really happened, I thought I would be satisfied. But again, Ms. Fitzpatrick proved me wrong. Just before everything is revealed, a bigger picture is introduced that requires more anticipation from me. If I have to compare all the books in this saga, I would say that Silence is the best so far. Well, I'm still waiting for the Finale before making my judgment final! And why o why does Finale not yet available on our local bookstore??? Well.. actually it does, but in package. Meaning I have to buy the other 3 books again just to have Finale which is sort of ridiculous since I already have the first 3. *sigh I'm dying waiting here. A major cliffhanger in the end does that. :(

Nora having an amnesia made the story much more interesting as I've said.With her having amnesia, me as a reader being refreshed on past events in the first 2 books. Also, the author made it to a point to retell the stories without getting the readers bored. It's like reading it all over again. The build up of the story is so perfect that I was left stunned at the last page not fully believing that that was the last page. I haven't get enough of Patch yet and it's already done??? :( Honestly speaking, I find these books, Hush, Hush, Crescendo and Silence sort of just an introduction for the big thing, which is the Finale. I didn't find each books' climax to be enough believing something in Finale would happen that would make the past books so tame. That I am expecting.


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