Losing it by Cora Carmack

Thursday, October 25, 2012

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Bliss Edwards is about to graduate college and still has the V-card in hand. So when she decided to share her deepest secret with her best friend Kelsey, it became their goal to find that man who's going to take the V-card away from her. Fortunately that night, Bliss met the most likely candidate. Gorgeous with that British sexy accent. But when they are on it, Bliss had the panic attack giving the worst lie ever before running away. Then worse comes to worst when Garrick, the man she left in her apartment that night turned out to be the substitute professor of her last subject for the semester. 

My Review

This story reminds me of Slammed by Colleen Hoover. Same situation. They met and hooked up before finding out that the guy is the professor. However, this story is the more daring one. Though I like Slammed story better, Losing It is not far behind from being good. I like the characters, specially Bliss. She's very vocal and not the whiny kind of person. I expected her to be shy, girly, aloof and all the characters of a typical YA heroine. But being in theater, it's nice to find an independent girl. Her character does not depend on Garrick, and she continues living even without Garrick. But of course, a YA story won't be complete without the heroine being naive of the feelings of one of her best bud. It's so obvious! Well...maybe because I'm the one reading and not the one experiencing it...haha

This story is so funny. My boyfriend even caught me laughing by myself while reading the book and waiting for him. Bliss is so entertaining. Her words, actions and sarcasm are so enjoyable to read. Bliss's friends are so cool. Instead of just the best friend Kelsey, Bliss has a bunch of amazing friends that made the story more entertaining. :) 

About Garrick, well he's a hottie without a doubt. I'm just imagining the way he talks and that is already so sexy! Though I did not find the boy in the cover photo that cute. Sorry. *making peace sign. Speaking of cover photo, I didn't like it that much. It makes the book looks kind of mature genre, which if you read the book, is actually not. Yes, the first part of the story tells about Bliss having the V-card and there are parts that are quite mature, but after that, the story revolved on forbidden relationship, friendship, moving on and growing up. The V thing is just a part of growing up and happens to become the part that turned out to be sort of funny.


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