Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

Sunday, October 21, 2012

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When Patch refused the sacrifice of Nora, he ended up saving his life, thus being a guardian angel. Her guardian angel. So now, Patch is her guardian-angel-slash-boyfriend. Everything is going well between the two until doubts attacks Nora. She knows that the archangels are up to something against Patch, and she's the best way to get into him. But when Nora realizes she loves Patch but it seems like Patch is not into it, she started to doubt everything. Like why Patch is with Marcie, where Patch really lives and what are the other dark secrets Patch is hiding from him. And when the ghost of his father haunts her ,Nora's wound from his death has been opened once again with the determination of knowing what really happened the night her father was killed. But what would she do if every revelations points to Patch?

My Summary

I was almost at the point of screaming in frustration with Nora in this book. Nora turned out to be an immature and thoughtless girlfriend. The courage I highly admired in the first book almost looks like foolishness in this story. Though very irritated with her, I couldn't deny the fact that everything she's doing is what is expected. I hate knowing the other side of the story while seeing Nora doing stupid things.  Her being a fallen-angel-turned-into-guardian-angel issue is not an everyday problem an ordinary student like Nora experiences. And when archangels, Marcie Millar and other unknown enemies tries everything to ruin both their lives, it is expected for Nora to wish an out. But it's still annoying to see her whining and being immature after doing a decision just like that, then blame everything to Patch. 

I find the story really slow, I was actually getting bored with all the details, mysteries and questions and I'm nit getting an answer. But when it nears the end, I was holding my breath in everything that's going on. It's suspense overload! Being a normal person with a drop on Nephilim blood, Nora actually has a talent in doing scary and not so ordinary adventures such as spying. Every time she solves her problems by her own and find things in her own way without Patch help, I get so anxious. Good thing Vee is always there for her. I'm starting to like Vee actually. She's starting to prove how a good friend she is by being with Nora all the way, through scary and crazy moments of Nora. In the midst of the chaos around Nora, Vee is the constant person by her side.

Sadly, I didn't get to see much of Patch in this book. I was expecting to finally have a taste of Nora and Patch's sweet moments. Yes, I admit I was quite disappointed with the outcome of this. But hey! This is just the second book, and even if the love story was slightly put aside, the main story, the history of Nora and everything that happened in the past being revealed made up for that. And with Ms. Fitzpatrick as the author, expect a twist like no other!


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